May Fashion: Charity Shop Finds

It’s Charity Tuesday once again, and, as readers of this blog know, I love nothing more than a rummage around charity shops. There is nothing like the thrill of finding a bargain and also contributing to a good cause, whilst also helping the planet avoiding more clothing going to landfill.

I have a wardrobe full of thrifty buys that I wear over and over again, some of them I paid pennies for, and yet have worn for years. Charity shops are basically filled with unloved and unwanted clothes, there to be found by someone who will love them and want them, and, more importantly, wear them. That someone is often me!

If you have any preconceptions or hang ups about wearing second hand clothing, then I’m here to completely dismiss them. The clothes are clean, they have often been washed or steamed before being hung on the rails. The quality can range from High Street to High End, and contrary to popular opinion, the best things are often found in the smaller towns rather than big cities. Scruffy, damaged clothing is often just ragged, so what you find on the shelves and rails is usually in perfect condition, and you can find real bargains on items like books and dvds and even early PS games (my son has a PS3 that lives at his nan’s house, and we are often able to find Fifa games for a £1!)

The pictures of my finds are here to show you the sorts of bargains that can be picked up in charity shops, with a bit of a focus on clothing that would be perfect if you are going on a Summer holiday, but can’t really afford a new wardrobe. None of these pieces costs more than £10, but they will certainly add a little style in the sun.

Dress BHS Acorns Cardigan Episode Acorns Bag no brand St Giles
Dress Bon Marche Acorns
Dress Tu Acorns
Dress Italian label Acorns
Dress above worn as a skirt
Skirt Collectif Welsh Charity Shop Brooch Tenevous
Mac St Giles



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