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When you say that an item of clothing will last forever, you don’t really mean it. Sure, we know that when you pay more you often get better quality items, but actually lasting forever, and still being stylish and wearable is a tall order for any item of clothing.

But there is a new jacket that may just be a piece of your apparel that really earns its keep. Let me introduce you to Gamma. The Gamma Jacket is an all weather jacket that is durable, lightweight and insulated, as well as being sleek and stylish. It is a jacket that doesn’t compromise on either function or fashion. It is the ultimate heated jacket: Graphene-infused, lightweight, waterproof, with 10 smart pockets! It is the product of a successful crowd funding project that saw it reach £1,873,266 with backing from more than 7,000 people. It is clearly a popular product, and one that addresses so many wardrobe needs.

Why So Popular?

One of the issues of clothing is that you have to buy many different coats and jackets for different occasions. There are heated jackets for Winter that keep us warm, lighter weight jackets for summer for cooler days, waterproof jackets for those oh so English rainy days. Then there are the jackets we wear every day, and the smarter items we wear when we have a special occasion to attend.

The Gamma jacket can work for all these occasions, mainly because it is graphene infused. Graphene is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible known material and works as an insulator and a conductor. This means that not only can it keep you warm, it can also keep you cool, which actually makes it the perfect choice as a travel jacket if you happen to be moving from place to place, country to country and climate to climate.


The Gamma graphene jacket looks wonderful because it was lightweight, despite the fact that it can keep you wonderfully warm and snug. It is not bulky in style, it has a cool, sporty aesthetic with a drawstring hood and lots of pockets (including concealed ones which are perfect for your mobile phone, money etc, and also make it brilliant for travel.)

Keeping the Heat

The coat also has its own central heating system, for those days (or places) which are even colder than your average Winter. The outdoor jacket is equipped with 3 carbon fiber heating elements built directly into the jacket. When your body heat isn’t enough, you can supercharge Gamma’s graphene layer at the push of a button and within seconds, the heaters begin to warm the jacket, and graphene distributes the heat to your entire upper-body. Graphene’s thermoregulating properties also ensure the jacket won’t become too hot.

All this, and you can throw it in the washing machine too!

You would think a graphene jacket like this would need to be professionally cleaned, but the Gamma jacket can be simply put in the washing machine when the time comes. This not only makes the jacket utterly easy to wear, but also easy to maintain.

You can find so much more about the Gamma Jacket, and can pre-order your very own at

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