Getting festive with Ocean

We have a bit of a tradition in our house. Every year we buy some new decorations and baubles for the tree, something to add to the (already) large collection that will ensure that the house doesn’t look exactly the same year after year. I get the decorations from some of my favourite stores (Paperchase, Debenhams, John Lewis) and then, on the last weekend in November, we decorate the house as a family. It is always a lovely time, Christmas music on , a glass of sherry in hand, and, by the end of the weekend the house looks all festive and pretty and the Christmas mood is fully in place.

This year I have had a little bit of help in the decorations department with Ocean Loans giving me a challenge to find pretty, unusual pieces to create Christmas in my own. Unfortunately the decorations are not actually in situ yet, partly because I’ve had to order a new tree (the old one had turned from glittering white to a rather less than beautiful yellowish tinge – imagine if a dog had mistaken it for a real tree and you get the general idea.) The tree is due to arrive anytime before the 2nd December, so we are going to concentrate on putting the decorations up first, and then adding the tree as the final touch.


So, what did new decorations did I get this year? Well, a new tree calls for a new fairy, and I found the perfect one at John Lewis for just £12, it is glamorous, and white and silver, which is basically my specifications matched totally. I also got reindeers – lots of reindeers. It is no secret that I am a little obsessed with reindeers at Christmas, I line them across my window ledge. This year Paperchase has come up trumps with reindeers of the prettiest colours, and I also found another beauty when we went to see the Blithbury Reindeers. I have a feeling I am going to need to find more space for these!


Click to view at John Lewis



Click to view the sitting deer at John Lewis


The Hollybush Garden Centre which is located very close to my house is always a treasure trove at Christmas, a veritable Winter wonderland. We picked up some amazing things from Hollybush, including some ‘Frozen’ tree decorations and a gorgeous fashion decoration – a sugar coated dress mannequin that I just fell in love with.



DSCN9677[1]Here are a few more tree decorations I picked up at Paperchase – it has a 3 for 2 deal which is always great.


Click to visit Paperchase



Are you getting any new decorations this year?

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