Glow in the Dark Roses from Interflora – The perfect gift for Halloween

I love anything that is quirky, original and new. And the flowers I received in the post last week certainly fit all those labels. Interflora have launched a superb and beautiful bouquet of roses that have a real twist to them. Look at them in daylight and they are an exquisite collection of creamy white Avalanche roses, but wait until nighttime falls and you will see that these roses are anything but normal. These roses actually glow in the dark!

The special spooky blooms are a limited edition for Halloween and I think they are just brilliant. Imagine that you are having a Halloween party. Can you imagine anything more perfect to decorate the room? Or do you know someone whose birthday is October 31st? Again, these would be just brilliant. Or maybe you know a couple obsessed with All Hallows who got married on the spookiest of days. These would be the perfect anniversary present. Or maybe you just have a loved one who obsesses with all things spooky – from Twilight to The Cure. They would certainly love and obsess over these flowers.

I don’t know why these roses give off such a glow, it is a top-secret patented formula which Interflora are not sharing, but what I do know is that these flowers are totally original and a real talking point. Oh, and they smell rather lovely too.

The Glow in the Dark Roses can be ordered anytime between October 22nd and 31st October for next day delivery.Prices start at £44.99 for 12 standard size roses.

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