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Great Gifts for Grandparents this Christmas

With less than a month to go until Christmas is here for another year, you’re probably making your way through your gift list as we speak, getting all kinds of presents that your loved ones have always wanted.

Our Grandmas and Granddads are really special people who have been there for the family throughout the years. This year, why not treat them to a present they will really appreciate?

Asides from the delectable chocolate box and something boozy for them to enjoy, Ability Superstore have offered up some of their favourite gift ideas for grandparents this Christmas. Read on to find some fantastic suggestions that your grandparents can enjoy throughout the festive season and all through the year, too.

Something to remember the past….

I don’t know about you, but I’m often amazed by some of the stories that my grandparents have to tell me about their past. The older generation have been through all kinds of historic events which they are proud to have been a part of. This Christmas, why not get them a piece of memorabilia from key parts of their lives that they look back on with a smile?

Alternatively, you could create a photo album full of memories that you have shared with them. A talking photo album offers the ultimate reminiscent experience. On each of its 20 pages you can record your own voice clip, to discuss the memories you’ve presented within each photograph. You can be sure to put a smile on your grandparent’s face as you look back and listen to some of your times together.

Enjoyable experiences to share together…

Speaking of memories together, why not get them a gift that allows you to create even more? There’s a wealth of experience gifts on offer that can give you and your grandparents even more quality time together.

Whether it’s a luxury afternoon tea or spa day with your grandma, or even a round of golf or a distillery tour with your granddad, think about what they enjoy and spend some time enjoying it together.


Support and stability for independent living…

As we get older, we tend to find it a little more difficult to move about as we once did, thanks to those pesky bones, joints and muscles. There are plenty of mobility aids available that can help your grandparents to continue enjoying their independent living, so why not give them a supportive gift this Christmas?

Rollators are fantastic mobility aids that offer support as well as storage and comfort! Try to go for one that offers a seat for when they fancy a break from walking. It should also have plenty of storage to put their bags in, so they can keep both their arms free for walking.

Alternatively, a simple walking stick would suffice. They come in a variety of materials and some are even adjustable so both your grandma and granddad could use one! Some are even patterned for adding style, such as this floral walking stick that’s perfect for the glamorous gran.


Home comforts for those chilly evenings…

We all love to get cosy and comfy during the winter evenings, whether it’s wrapping up in a fluffy dressing gown or sitting by a wood burning fire. Everyone appreciates some cosy knits for Christmas, especially our older relatives who feel the cold a little more than we do.

On top of the thick slipper socks and wooly hats, why not get your grandparents the gift of added relaxation? This heated foot warmer has an added foot massager, that along with the temperature, can be controlled by the user. There’s also this heated lap blanket to keep them warm in the living room whilst relaxing watching some TV or reading a book.


If you’ve found an amazing Christmas gift for your grandparents, tell us all about them!

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