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Travelling to Mauritius with kids – what to expect

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Christmas will soon be upon us, but with that comes the prospect of a New Year, turning our minds once again to holidays and getaways. You only need to pick up a copy of the Christmas edition of the Radio Times, and then turn to the middle section, to realise that once people have got Christmas out of the way, they need something to look forward to during the rest of the long, cold Winter’s Days.

With Brexit effecting the pound and the rate you get in Euros, more and more families are starting to look further afield when it comes to holidays, and Mauritius is one of those destinations that are becoming very popular due to the sandy beaches, amazing weather and laid back atmosphere, but it is also a very good destination if you are traveling with children.


Mauritius is a French speaking island nation in the Indian Ocean off the Southeast coast of Africa.  It is a touch of heaven here on Earth, with white sandy beaches and the warm ocean and a landscape of lagoons, reefs, rainforests, waterfalls and exotic wildlife – Mauritius was the home of the Dodo! But if you thought that this sounded a little too much like paradise to think of taking the kids there, you would be wrong, it also has an array of exciting activities that make it the perfect holiday destination for families.


Most of the bigger hotels have kids clubs and activities with dedicated staff, but if you like your family holidays to be more hands on, Mauritius is the perfect place to really enjoy that quality time. Dolphin watching activities are popular and totally enchanting, with dolphins loving the warm Mauritian waters, coming in to the bay to play in the morning sunshine.


Dolphins are not the only animals you can enjoy in Mauritius. You can enjoy the opportunity to feed giraffes, to meet 100 year old tortoises and beautiful Macaws, there is even a pink pigeon that is very rare, but you might just be lucky. Then there is the chance to walk with lions, a once in a life time experience that allows you to really get close to nature.


And then there are the museums. With Mauritius being the ancient home of the Dodo, the famous flightless bird that gave us the saying ‘as dead as a dodo’, a visit to the National History museum to see the bones of the poor thing is a must. There is also a navel museum that will keep any of your little pirates happy.

Beautiful scenery, great weather and fabulous beaches, Mauritius really does have it all…and a little bit more.

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