Holly Willoughby for Very.

I love Holly Willoughby. She’s a gorgeous lady who I personally think always comes across well on the TV. Warm and compassionate on This Morning, funny and with a great sense of fun on Celebrity Juice, she always seems like the kind of girl you’d be happy to drink cocktails and gossip with. And then of course, she’s ultra interested in fashion.

Holly has recently launched her latest collection for Very, a range that she is happy to wear as part of her own wardrobe. And I can see why she would be happy to do that – it is just full of pretty, retro inspired designs that are crafted to flatter womanly curves by placing emphasis on waists, boobs and legs. Great use is made of pretty prints and elegant lace, and there are 1940s style tea dresses and 1980s bodycon, showing that Holly is looking across the style eras for her inspiration.

Holly told Now magazine that she has, in fact, given one of her dresses to fellow Celebrity Juice panellist, the equally pneumatic Kelly Brook, so we may soon see both the glamorous ladies confronting Keith Lemon in Very dresses.

Holly Willoughby Lace Sleeve Pencil Dress 

Holly Willoughby Spot Print Dress £49 

Holly Willoughby Tropical Print Pencil Dress 

Holly Willoughby Printed Halter Playsuit 

Holly Willoughby Double Strap Bodycon Pencil Dress 

Holly Willoughby Jersey Printed Maxi Dress 

Holly Willoughby Lace Blazer £59 

View the complete Holly Willoughby range here.




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  1. Love the spot dress and the halterneck playsuit. Some of the photos don’t even look like Holly though!

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