How KeraViatin Can Revive Your Hair

Hair is the strongest female trump card. When it is long, thick, and shiny, it attracts attention and makes you feel good about yourself. But due to polluted air, unhealthy diet, stress, harmful ingredients in cosmetics, and aggressive treatments, few ladies can boast of healthy hair. It may look nice, but its structure is not good because the strands are weak, brittle, and thin.

The list of things causing the most damage to your natural crown is seen in this link: 

If you suffer from this problem, you need a lot of time, effort, and money in the desire to return your hair to its old shine. But by doing the wrong treatments, you can do even more damage. These methods can harm follicles that are no longer able to produce strong, healthy strands.

That is why keratin treatments have become a real sensation. These are proven to help fiber strengthen and regain vitality. Care and recovery products based on this protein will make it looks healthy and well-groomed again. A big hit is a keratin-based supplementation, which supports follicles from the inside.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is an essential protein found in all living tissues. Your body produces this element at a certain pace. It’s responsible for providing your nails, hair, skin, bones, and teeth with the hard protective fibrous material they need to stay healthy. In fact, human hairs contain around 95% keratin.

Natural keratin is a fibrous protein that protects the cuticles from physical injuries, stress, and other factors. It acts on the external protection, but it also acts on the very root of the strands. This protein handles silky, healthy strands that do not break.

Keratin Fiber Loss

Regular dyeing, straightening, and treatment with various aggressive agents can contribute to the loss of natural keratin in the cuticle. It is more than evident that the hair which lacks this protein looks lifeless. Strands become prone to breakage and cracking, and you can say ‘goodbye’ to the volume.

One of the leading causes of losing this vital protein is heat styling, especially when using curling and flat irons and other heated appliances. High temperatures damage the cuticle, and the keratin fibers become exposed. The production of this protein decreases as well, which can lead to premature hair loss.

To keep and stimulate keratin production, you need to know how to set styling tools. They must work on the proper temperature to actually produce the desired results with no side effects (burnt hair). Buying tools with a heat guard can prevent fiber damage. If you buy stylers that do not have this feature or use them every day, keratin molecules can break down and be damaged. But can you do anything else to prevent the lack of this essential element?

Recovery Treatment

Several treatments are accessible nowadays that will revive your dull hair. Many cosmetic brands offer leave-in and supplement products based on keratin. One of the popular and quite effective restoring treatments is KeraViatin by Keranique, which is a great way to nourish your hair from the inside.

This therapy will make your strands shinier and much healthier. As KeraViatin is in the form of soft gels, you can use it as an adjunct to your regular beauty regime and other keratin-based products. It can re-hydrate your scalp and modulate the moisture content.

These soft gels are an excellent treatment for cuticle regeneration. The right combination of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients is easily absorbed into the body. It reaches the follicles through the bloodstream. That is of great significance not only for the health of the strands but the entire scalp. If there are problems with the head skin, these can also disrupt the hair structure.

Treating Breakage Issues

Suppose you suffer from dry, frizzy hair with split ends, or it seems dull and lifeless. By doing some research, you might be tempted to undergo a keratin treatment to recover and strengthen strands and follicles and add volume. That is a good idea, but only if performed by an experienced and certified hairstylist. Sure, the quality of used products must be top-notch. By these, you can conclude that regular keratin treatments are not cheap.

KeraViatin treatment will help you fight breakage problems. It will prevent more damage by penetrating follicles through the bloodstream. That will nourish the cortex and cuticles from the inside, bringing them the micronutrients necessary to stay elastic, strong, and above all, healthy.

One of the significant benefits of using this treatment is that it has no side effects. The keratin used in this product will give you smooth and soft strands minus the rough edge and dryness. These are something that women with brittle, thin hair usually experiences.

Preventing Hair Thinning and Loss

Hair loss is an everyday occurrence as it is a living tissue that needs to be renewed regularly. Many things can disrupt this natural process, so it is necessary to react in time to prevent excessive strands from falling. See here what factors affect hair loss.

When strands begin to fall at an alarming rate, they become thinner and weaker. Bald spots may appear on areas of the scalp where hair growth has previously been sparse. The loss caused by excessive shedding can also spread to other parts of the scalp. These symptoms can occur even if you use good care products.

Keratin treatments work by strengthening both the inner and outer parts of the hair. These make the strands strong and healthy even during receding phases. It makes the fibers stronger, making them less susceptible to breakage and tangling. 

You will get the same effect with KeraViatin supplementation. The complex of nutrients in it promotes scalp health, making the follicles bloody. All the nutrients that come to the roots will boost the growth of healthy fibers, which will fill bald spots.

Whichever way you decide to replenish your body’s keratin stores, you need to keep in mind that proper care also involves the use of cosmetics of trusted brands. That will contribute to maintaining strands’ quality and strength. Not only will it make the results of the keratin treatment last longer, but the hair will look much healthier and better with active and proper care.

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