How To Do My Make Up This Christmas

Christmas makeup tips will allow you to create a stunning look without much effort. Of course, the best way to look amazing for the holidays is to hire a professional makeup artist or take a private lesson from one. But the next best thing is to spend time on learning it by yourself.

When the weather is nice, it is easy to forget about your everyday make up, but what happens when you need to go out to a party or drinks when it’s cold outside? The following are a few Christmas makeup tips that will allow you to have the perfect look without spending a lot of money.

Think time and place

If you are going to be out on a date with someone special in a romantic setting, you will want to look stunning and elegant. With a little bit of glamour, you can make a great first impression. This Christmas you can try using black, silver, gold, bronze and even green makeup, which will help to give the sense of a beautiful, glamorous look. This season you can keep away from the everyday makeup, so that you will be able to create a beautiful, elegant and sensual look.

Play with Christmas colours

This is the time to add some serious reds on your lips.  If your lips are full, stick to matte shades and if they are on a smaller side, add some red glittery gloss to your pout.  Wearing red lipstick will allow you to have a very feminine, yet sexy look, which will make you stand out among all others at a party.  If you are wearing a long gown, you can choose a bright red lipstick and a beautiful matte black eyeliner wing to bring out your eyes and help you look effortlessly glamorous.

Think pastels

With soft snow falling and fairy lights twinkling, the whole season is incredibly romantic. Try to create a beautiful, warm and romantic look by selecting a dewy foundation with a bit of shimmer, followed by gold or brown eyeshadow, and adding a soft apricot blush or a blush that has a hint of shimmer. If you have dark hair, you will want to use taupe or lilac eyeshadow, along with a small amount of pink or lavender shimmer, and if you are a blonde, choose something bronzy or gold.

Whatever look you may choose, your happy smile will make sure this holiday season is filled with joy and special times with loved ones.

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Lucy Salloware is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to lifestyle blogs about makeup, weddings, skincare and wellness trends. She loves all things beauty, the beach and her two cats. For more makeup inspiration, please click here.

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