How to Find a Reputable London SEO Agency That Actually Delivers Results

Starting a new business is a very exciting time, but it it certainly very different to how it was thirty years ago. In the past your main concerns would be to find a premises for your business, to find the right funding, and then to be able to market your business, first and foremost to a local targeted market. This would mainly have been done through advertising in your local press, through the free newspapers that were always pushed through the door and read avidly, through word of mouth recommendations, and then, as the business grew, through adverts on your local commercial TV station and billboards in your area. But a lot has changed since those heady days.

Today, the best, fastest growing businesses harness the power of the Internet, and, in particular, the power of Google in order to make their business grow to it’s optimum level. The internet can change your business to a local concern to a national and international one (hence the name World Wide Web) and it does this throw the power of SEO, aka Search Engine Optimisation. This can be a minefield for anyone who is not computer and internet savvy, and it can also be very time consuming. It takes lots of research, both of your own field of interest, and also into your competitors so that you can rise to the top of the first page. This is why it can be useful to enlist the help of an expert in the field. is a good choice if you have a business in the London area.

What is SEO?

Before we delve any further into finding the best source of SEO advice for your business, we should at first look at what exactly SEO is, and why it is important. SEO is search engine optimisation and is concerned with the internet search engines that we all use every single day.

When we are looking for something on the internet, we use a search engine, with Google being the most popular, most used in 2019. We type our query into the search box, and are then given pages of relevant answers, sites and links for that query. As the answers can go into page after page, for many people, they choose an option from the first page, making getting on the first page of Google ultra important as a marketing tool to grow your business.

Getting onto that first page is no easy task, but targeted SEO will certainly help with this. Everything about your website is important in making that claim up the rankings, from looking at targeted key words and meta descriptions, removing toxic or broken back links, carefully planning your urls for maximum effectiveness and building, and then analysing your backnlinks. All of this becomes even more important in terms of your local reach, getting your business out there to your own local area, where you truly want to be number one in terms of searches, and then services. This is why it can be dividends to actually enlist in the help of an expert in this field.

Finding a SEO expert for London

If you are trying to build an online presence in a city as saturated as London, you really need to be targeting your chosen market. Internet marketing in London is of extreme importance, particularly locally targeted SEO. To put it bluntly, you may need help with local SEO.

Let’s say you have a window cleaning company in Battersea. You want to see your company on the first page of google when someone searches ‘Window Cleaning Battersea’, with the ultimate target being to be the first searched option. Discovering the correct keywords, having the proper titles and urls, harnessing useful back links and being able to constantly analyse all of these in light of performance could definitely help you achieve that top spot.

So take your business to the next level by finding your local London search engine optimisation expert. Use a Google search to find someone who is highly rated enough to make that first page, ideally look at the top five. Make a call to discuss your needs and where you feel your website may be struggling, and let the experts lead you to that first page. This should then lead your business, whether it is new and in its infancy, or slightly older but struggling to move on, to new heights.

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