Thinking About Going To College?

Going to college or university has so many benefits for your future life. It broadens the horizons, extends your learning and gives you the chance to specialise your learning in an area that you are truly interested in, and gives you the opportunity to gain some independence from parents and family.

Financial Implications

There are financial implications about going to college or University. In the UK, there are tuition fees to consider, the reality is that you can be saddled with a rather large debt at the end of it. One thing you could do in order to alleviate some of this is apply for a scholarship or sponsorship in order to cover some of the cost. In America, there are similar funds that can help. One is the Tech Live Connect Scholarship which was created to support students looking to further their education beyond high school. The great thing about the Tech Live Connect scholarship is that it is easy to apply for, with a brief form to fill in and one 500 word essay to write.

Unless you have a scholarship or come from a rich family, you need to be practical of your choice. Remember that while quality education from expensive schools is truly gold, it is useless to graduate from there and live with debt all your life.

Deciding Your College/University

The college application process is hard, but deciding which college you will go to can be even harder. With the many options available around, it is pretty much challenging to make up your mind, especially when you have family and friends who are trying to influence your choice. After all, you will spend a long time and a big part of your life in the college of your choice and to get through it successfully would not be so easy; so you need to have all the comfort, inspiration, support, and experience that you can get.


When deciding on a college, especially one that is far away from home, here are some factors to be considered.

Curriculum and Career

College is all about stepping and in reaching your coveted career, which is why the curriculum offered in the school must be your top consideration. Make sure the school offers a curriculum structured so you can attain your dream career, with majors and minors that will be very helpful in that career. Identify what you want to study, something you are really interested in, and look up the reputation of a particular college in offering that education.

Campus Life

You will spend most, if not all, your time in the campus and so it is important to find one where you can be very comfortable, but at the same time will challenge you to grow. The spirit and the atmosphere of the school will help you get motivated every day to pursue, do better at, and finish your studies. A college that promotes study-work-life balance is a good choice.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Experiences

College can be exciting if you explore and participate in extracurricular activities and other experience. If done properly, this will not distract you from your studies but will help you avoid burning out doing all the academics. Check the offered activities and experiences of a college and see if there are some you are really interested in.


Going to college would not be easy but it has the potential to change your life for the better. By making the right decisions today, you are setting yourself for a better and healthier future.

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