How To Find and Wear Plus Sized Jewelry

For women, jewelry is something that we cannot do without. No matter how much we have, we can always afford a new bracelet, earrings or a necklace. But what if you cannot find a piece to suit your particular body type? Plus sized women like me usually do have this problem. Its difficult to find beautiful jewelry that actually fits or suits our body type and that can be aggravating. However, not to worry, through trial and error, I have managed to find several good places for plus sized jewelry and I’m willing to share them with you.

Finding plus sized jewelry

The internet is the greatest place to find plus sized jewelry. Large retailers like Overstock, Harrods etc do have a separate section that deals only with larger jewelry. Stylists usually recommend that you buy necklaces that are 18 inches or longer and 8 inch bracelets for wrists. They will also have special rings and chains that are beautiful and attractively priced. The only problem we see here is that the range is very limited and it tends to sell out quickly. Other than large retailers, you can try niche vendors that deal exclusively with large jewelry and accessories. You can start by googling the term ‘plus sized jewelry’ and Google will produce more than million results in about two seconds. I cannot recommend a particular vendor as personal choices will vary but frankly, you will find nearly everything you want online. Other than niche vendors, you can also try small jewelry vendors who will hand make their products according to customer requirements. For special occasions like wedding, birthdays and anniversaries, there are small manufacturers that will make custom pieces to suit your outfit and the occasion.

Accessorizing tips

Now that you know where to buy jewelry from, you should know that everything will not suit everyone. Follow our tips and you should be fine.

1. Try necklaces that are gold, copper or silver toned as they tend to add brightness to your face and your outfit.

2. Fine jewelry is great but it can be expensive. We recommend you buy silver jewelry as it is affordable and it tends to match nearly every outfit.

3. Avoid pieces that don’t suit your body type. For example, if you have beautiful legs, avoid wrist 8 inch bracelets and wear an 8 inch bracelet on your ankle for maximum effect along with fitted heels.

4. Bold bangles and cuffs are great informal occasions but make sure they suit your arms.

5. Avoid large hoop earrings if you have a round face. Try elongated or drop earrings to maximize your neck and face.

6. Stacking chains in the same color and type can work very well for almost any body type.

We know that finding the right outfit and accessories can be difficult as we gone down that way before. But you should know that choices have increased in the last few years. There are thousands of retailers online who will provide nearly everything you want along with extendable chains and links that will make every design fit your body and wrist.