Nude Jewellery Blue Lagoon Rainbow Rocks Bracelet

Nude Jewellery is a fabulous destination for unique and bespoke jewellery. Their designs range from modern, contemporary pieces, unique engagement rings, silver jewellery and handmade diamond and gemstone pieces. The designs are unusual, vibrant and interesting, and make the perfect gift ideas for the special person in your life.

Nude Jewellery is a brand I love due to the diverse range of designs, one of my current favourites being the Blue Lagoon Rainbow Rocks Bracelet. This is a fluid bracelet that combines three delicate strands of silver chains with Blue agate and teal apetite gemstone beads. The overall effect is beautiful, an elegant bracelet that would work for both formal and informal occasions, as a touch of sparkle to your daytime outfit, or as an accessory to your little black dress.

Blue Lagoon Rainbow Rocks Bracelet £195 Click to visit Nude Jewellery

The bracelet is perfect for someone who loves the sea, with the beautiful blue stones contrasting well with the soft prettiness of the freshwater pearls. It is a delicate piece, it is not heavy on your wrist and sits snug but not tight against your skin – you do not feel like you are going to lose this bracelet. It fastens with a clasp and has has two loop options for closure, although I would not call it an extender chain.

The bracelet is just stunning when on, and is versatile in that it looks good when the strands are worn straight, or twisted around, meaning you can create different looks.


With Christmas on its way, this is certainly something worth a look. It comes in a gorgeous, contemporary gift box that makes it look luxurious and exclusive. It is a gift that could also work for many different ages due to the classic, yet modern look. In short, it is an ideal present that is sure to be received with delight.


Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Sterling Silver Jewellery

Why Is There So Much Fake Sterling Silver Jewellery Around?

As the price of silver as an investment rises, so the price of silver jewellery goes up. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, and so is a costly metal. For this reason, there is a lot of fake silver on the market and a lot of silver-like alloys being passed off as sterling silver.

Not All That Sparkles Is Silver

S925 Silver is Sterling Silver, it is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with another metal, usually copper. This is the silver from which prized jewellery is fashioned. There are other alloys claiming to be silver, but they aren’t 92.5% the real thing. Watch out for EPNS, it is a nickel alloy which contains no silver unless it is silver-plated. Beware also of Alpaca silver, German silver, and Tibetan silver. These are all alloys containing considerably less silver than bona fide sterling silver. Finally, be cautious when offered 925 FAS silver, there is confusion about this acronym and some jewellery of doubtful provenance is stamped with it. An online jeweller like Silver by Mail in the UK will not trade in such alloys.

Ways To Spot Fake Sterling Silver

Here are some ways to stop yourself being fooled by fake sterling silver jewellery.

Exercise caution. Consider the price of what you are being offered. If it seems the deal is just too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true. When you purchase silver as jewellery, it is more costly than its price by weight because value is added when it is made into jewellery. Cheap jewellery is highly unlikely to be Sterling Silver.
Take a soft cotton cloth and rub the jewellery. Sterling Silver should leave a black smudge on the cloth. If the cloth is left clean, then the jewellery certainly isn’t silver. This property of silver was used in the medieval period when plans for cathedrals were drawn on sheets of linen with silver, not lead, pencils.
Check for stamps and hallmarks. All Sterling Silver is stamped or hallmarked. If there are no stamps, it isn’t silver. Also look carefully at any stamps which are on it. These should be firmly stamped into the jewellery and easy to inspect. Faint stamps, stamps obscured by plating, and stamps simply reading ‘silver’ are dubious, and jewellery carrying them cannot be trusted.
With larger pieces of jewellery, rub the surface of the jewellery with your thumb, then smell the silver. Sterling Silver is virtually odourless. If the jewellery emits a dirty metallic smell, it is not authentic sterling silver jewellery.
Sterling silver is non-ferrous, and so, will not be attracted to a magnet. Pass a small magnet by the jewellery, if there is even the slightest magnetic reaction, you can be assured the jewellery is fake.
Finally, there are acid tests which can be performed to check whether jewellery is silver or not. These can be dangerous and are probably best left to professionals in laboratories. However, if you are feeling brave, a small amount of nitric acid can be placed on the jewellery. If the surface turns green, then the jewellery is not Sterling Silver. If it goes cloudy grey, then it is real.

So you can use your common sense, eyes, nose, handkerchief, magnet or nitric acid (as a last resort) to avoid buying fake Sterling Silver.

Preparing for the Party Season: What Jewellery Should you Wear with your Outfit?

December brings us the biggest party season of the year, what with work parties, winter gatherings with friends on the run up to Christmas, and of course, the biggie – New Year’s Eve.

It’s a special time of year where we all look forward to to dressing up and looking fabulous, ready for plenty of good times and celebrations. Although you might have your party frock ready for the festive fiestas, do you have the right jewellery to go with it?

Choosing the best jewellery to wear with your outfit can make you stand out from the crowd and have you feeling sensational, but only when the pairings are done right. Here’s a quick and simple guide to picking the right jewellery to wear with your party outfit this season, from the sterling silver jewellery providers, Silver Sale.


Keep it simple…

If you’re a fan of big bold prints and patterns, or if you’ve gone for an outfit with plenty of texture, your jewellery should be kept simple and delicate. Your outfit itself will be making enough of a statement, so that jewellery should only be worn as an added touch of glamour.

Refrain from wearing any kind of necklace or long dangly earrings with high necklines with lots of pattern or texture – they will simply get lost in the design of the dress. Instead, opt for small and simple earrings, such as these sterling silver wraparound earring climbers.


Even if striking jewellery isn’t really your thing, you can pair subtle jewellery with a more simple outfit – we’d just recommend wearing more of it! A combination of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings can add some sparkle and style to your elegant outfit. In this instance, pairing the right jewellery together becomes more important, so make sure each piece shares the same material and style. Plenty of jewellers provide jewellery sets to make sure everything you wear goes well together.


The best outfits for bold…

Bold jewellery can dazzle and amaze your fellow party goers, especially when you’ve chosen a simple yet stylish outfit to wear it with. Only one bold piece of jewellery should be worn at once, otherwise they can appear garish.

Usually it’s a choice between a statement set of earrings or a bold necklace, and either can be worn with any simple outfit, especially those with a high neckline. For low necklines, we’d suggest a statement pair of earrings over a bold necklace, otherwise the jewellery and the style of the dress would clash.

Ear jackets and cuffs are becoming increasingly popular, for their unique design and stand out appearance. If you’re looking for something a little different but don’t want to go for big and bright earrings, here are some ear climbers that you might love! Don’t be afraid to pair statement earrings with a vivid and chunky ring, as they’re worn too far away from one another to look over the top.

These tips here are just a general rule of thumb for looking stunning and stylish during the party season, but if you have any suggestions of your own to share with us, let us know!