How to Make Homework More Fun

Getting your child to focus on their homework can sometimes be a difficult task. Homework may not be at the top of your child’s priorities; however you can help to make it more fun by encouraging the right mind set and using some of these simple tactics suggested by Banstead Preparatory School

Join in

Try to make homework a time to look forward to, instead of avoiding. Encourage a positive attitude to homework by joining in and getting some of your own work done. Sit in the same room as your child and make it feel special by having some of their favourite music playing in the background, or by supplying their favourite snacks.


If your child is working on a school project, you could help them to learn more about their topic by planning a trip to a museum. This will not only provide a great learning opportunity, but it will also make a fun day out for all the family to enjoy.
A museum visit has a number of educational benefits and can help to inspire and enrich your child’s learning experience.

Study partners

To help make their homework more enjoyable, you could allow them to study with a friend. To ensure this doesn’t cause any distractions, you can offer a reward once their homework is complete.  Another idea to keep them motivated is to get them competing against each other and reward the person who achieves the most correct answers.


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