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How to Summer Proof Your Home

We look forward to Summer, to those endless sunny days and warm Summer nights, but when the reality hits, it can be a little bit too warm for our liking. The reality of a heatwave in the UK is that our homes are just not built to withstand the heat, they are designed to insulate and keep us warm against cooler conditions, and so, when the heat is on, we tend to sweat, feel uncomfortable and struggle to sleep. There’s not really much we can do about the buildings, but we can at least try to look at our interiors and adapt them to make them a little bit cooler.

Think about your colour choices

Just like we opt for cool and crisp white, natural and cream shades when the weather turns warmer, so we can choose the same for our homes. Just think of those houses painted white in Greece, and all the cool cotton and linens that you pack for your holiday. Walls that are like a blank canvas, linen and cotton bed sheets,  and throws covering your usual sofas can all help to make your home feel a little cooler, and to look minimalist and stylish into the bargain.

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Fit Blinds

Blinds are an ideal choice come rain or shine, as they keep the cold out as well as the heat. They also offer a stylish look and are easy to clean, making them a practical option. More importantly, if you choose Venetian blinds you may also find yourself getting a better nights sleep, as that early morning sunshine can be blocked out, stopping you from waking up as 5am.

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Noting makes a room full hotter and more claustrophobic than clutter. Rooms which are overly filled automatically feel more cloying and sweaty. Take out the clutter and keep a few tasteful decorative pieces that echo your taste. As well as feeling more spacious and airy, think of the amount of dusting and cleaning you will be able to avoid.

Do you have any more tips for making your home summer ready? Would love to hear them.

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