Introducing your man to manscaping

It’s no longer just the ladies that are waxing, plucking and shaving to keep body hair in check anymore. While men used to be able to sit back smugly, exempt from the body hair grooming rituals that preoccupy most women, there’s a new normal now and it’s called “manscaping.”

From keeping hair trimmed to taking it all off, paying attention to body hair is the manscaping mantra now that a carpet of chest or back hair is no longer a shining beacon of masculinity. These days, male celebrities and models in movies and magazines are sporting much less body hair than they did back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and as a result, more and more men are taking note of their own levels of Yeti-ness and doing something about it.

70s Man Reymolds

70s Man Reynolds

Modern Man Beckham

Modern Man Beckham


Every man has his own preferences when it comes to body hair, but manscaping really comes down to maintenance. Areas commonly worthy of some attention are the brows, ears, chest, back, and groin. No one wants body hair that looks like an untrimmed hedge. Luckily, regular grooming can achieve a look that is healthier, cleaner, and generally more attractive. Any part of the body that sprouts hair anywhere but on top is fair game for manscaping, and there are a lot of tools available, depending on your man’s level of comfort with the hair that’s already there. Electric trimmers work well for chest and pubic hair, but waxing is better for shoulders and back. To get rid of everything, consider waxing or laser treatments, but avoid tackling body hair with a razor, which can lead to prickly patches and razor burn.

If your guy isn’t convinced that manscaping is for him, show him some examples of laser hair removal before and after, and let him decide for himself. Here are a few more tips to help him shape up:

Start slow

Manscaping doesn’t mean that he has to go bare down there. He can start small in more neutral areas by trimming nose, beard, or ear hair or by getting rid of that uni-brow. Make sure you give him some positive reinforcement by telling him how great he looks with just a little maintenance. By starting small and being encouraging, you can help him work up to paying some attention to the more sensitive areas.

Go pro when needed

If he’s on board for some more involved manscaping but unsure about how to do it, seek out the professionals. If he’s considering permanent hair removal through laser treatments, then he’ll need to seek out a good clinic. If he opts for waxing, the process will be quicker and smoother if he leaves it to someone else. Remind him that it’s nothing to feel self-conscious about or ashamed of. He’ll be joining the ranks of well-kempt, confident men who are taking control of their body hair.

Keep it clean

Manscaping should be a regular part of his life, not a one-off. To help your man get into a groove, keep up the positive reinforcement so he knows how much you love his new, cleaner look.

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