Jasper Garvida – Autour d’un Point

On Monday evening I joined the fashionable throng who witnessed the unveiling of the fabulous Spring/Summer 2012 collection from the super-talented Jasper Garvida. Taking place in the super sumptuous surroundings of the Bloomsbury hotel, and with a starry front row that included Katie Melua, Lady Victoria Hervey and ber stylist Rebekah Roy,  this was an amazing array of glamour and style.

The collection was based on the painting ‘Autour d’un point’ by Frantisek Kupka, and had the legendary Diane Vreeland as its muse. The was a collection full of contradictions, with light, floaty fabrics fused with heavy metallics, long wispy maxidresses and short sharp minis, and dark, gothic black opposing cool, crisp whites.

The Inspiration Kupka Autour d'un point

I loved the contrasting elements of the collection. The fusing of hard and soft elements, the harsh metallics, sequins and fabrics with the softest of silks and chiffons. The use of just two central colours, the monochrome tones of black and white was a brave move, but one which provided clean, fresh lines and a sparse backdrop for the drama of the metallic elements.

The addition of oversized metallic pockets, large zips and gold and silver flashes, make this an ultra-modern collection with  just a touch of space age about it. I loved every single piece of it, and felt that it was a real tribute to Diane Vreeland in that it was really strong in style and substance, but totally elegant at the same time.

My favourite piece was the white and gold evening dress with the gold panels that was absolutely gorgeous. It had a touch of Barbarella about it and yet was  totally timeless – it could’ve been worn by a 1930s screen siren, or a 21st Century girl. And I think that is the ultimate strength of  this collection – modern yet timeless, strong yet delicate, a consistent blend of inconsistencies…


My pics

Katie Melua

Lupe Castro of Ms Castro Rides and Giovanna Velazquez of Magenta 8

Jasper takes a bow


Author Tracy Rose