Joggers And Hoodies From Femme Luxe

Question: When are joggers not joggers?

Answer: When they’re a pair of faux leather, high waisted, cuffed joggers from Femme Luxe.

I’ve been wearing a lot of joggers over the cold, Winter months of lockdown. They’re warm and comfy, easy to wear, easy to work and home school in, and great for when I want to go for a walk for daily exercise. They are no-brainer, no nonsense pieces that totally earn their place in my wardrobe…and then some.

But you only have to look at the fashion magazines and online sites to know that joggers are no longer confined as loungewear and casual wear, but can actually be a piece that can be dressed up, worn with heels, worn with a blouse, and even worn with strappy sandals and a slinky top once 22nd June comes around. The humble joggers have been reimagined in silks, in faux leather and in cottons making them more versatile and wearable for far more social situations.

The Black PU Faux Leather High Waisted Cuffed Joggers from Femme Luxe are a perfect mixture of casual and dressy. They come in sizes 6 – 14, but I would say that a 16 would be able to wear these comfortably as they are both generously sized and have an elasticated waistband with plenty of give. The style is high waisted, which is perfect for those who don’t really like their stomach area, and means that these can easily be teamed with crop tops, tops that are tucked in, or, like I’ve worn them, with a looser blouse.

The joggers have a slightly cropped style, designed to be worn with ankle showing. I’m 5ft 7 and that is how they fit me, but if you were shorter they would fit snugly on the ankle and I still think this would look stylish, or you could simply make them more slouchy by lifting them slightly above the ankle. They look great worn with trainers for a casual look, but can also totally carry off a heel or even a flip flop when the weather gets a little warmer.

I wore them with a high necked blouse with a black tie neckline ( I call it my KFC blouse as it reminds me of Colonel Sanders…). I wore a gold mid heeled shoe. I think this works, but I would also wear it with a black camisole in summer, teamed with long strings of pearls, or with the cream hoodie below for a more casual look.

Femme Luxe is also known for its joggers, hoodies and loungewear. The cream hoodie above is part of a set which also included cosy jogging bottoms, but as the weather was warming up, and as it was rather muddy, I chose to team this fleece lined hoodie with a denim skirt (and wellies). This hoodie is once again a size 14, but as it is oversized it would probably work for a size 16-18 (I usually wear a size 16 on top.)

Femme Luxe hoodies are almost like the comfort food of the clothing world, a warm hug that washes like a dream, looks great and is perfect for relaxing in.




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