Kylie At Glastonbury – Perfect Pop

I loved this year’s Glastonbury, there were just so many highlights. The Cure were amazing, a real welcome blast from the past, whilst Miley Cyrus was incredible doing a set that included lots of brilliant covers. I loved Janelle Monae channelling Prince, but all of this was eclipsed for me by glittery pop’s real Queen, the incredible Kylie Minogue, and her emotional and totally brilliant set of classic pop hits.


Kylie has always been a favourite of mine, I’ve seen her in concert twice and she is never less than wonderful. She seems to get better with age, has a back catalogue of perfect pop that will always get you up and dancing, and I really can’t think of anyone better to fill that legends slot that I always look forward to on Glastonbury Sunday.

I defy anyone not to smile at a set that included ‘Spinning Around’, ‘Can’t get you out of my head’, ‘Step back in Time’ ‘Better the Devil I know’ and ‘All the Lovers’. Everyone a slice of delicious, true pop music, the sort of songs that make everything seem better. And there were special guests too, with Liam Gallagher’s favourite pot plant Chris Martin on hand, as well as Nick Cave for a glorious, haunting ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’.

And this being Kylie, of course she looked incredible, with five costume changes that ranged from seventies style white flares and a shirt, to a glorious gold shimmering dress, and a purple showstopper of a frock. There were no gold hotpants, but Kylie is still the epitome of glamour, and makes 51 look stupid, she is just so gorgeous.

This set may have been a long time coming, but it was well worth the wait, Kylie was, and is incredible, a true professional, a class act, and a living legend. Kylie, I salute you.

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8 thoughts on “Kylie At Glastonbury – Perfect Pop

  1. Kylie is such a timeless beauty! I love her style and her music. It’s been a while now, since her big hits, but I’ve always loved her. I have a friend that is a huge fan of hers. I’m going to share it!

    Candace Hampton

  2. I have not heard about Kylie in so many years. It is great to hear that she is still performing and pleasing the crowds. She does look amazing at 51 and I am wondering how long it took her to change into all those outfits.

  3. it’s been so long since I have heard Kylie. She really is such a good singer and a great performer. It must have been a lot of fun to see her live.

  4. Oh my gosh! Kylie is still very stylish and beautiful! She’s not aging at all! What a vamp! 🙂 So good to read about her again. 🙂

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