Ladies Day – A Chat With The Cast

Today’s the day! Ladies Day, Amanda Whittingham’s hit comedy, opens at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre for a two week run. Earlier this week I let the ensemble cast, Cheryl Fergison, Emma Rigby, Deena Payne, Roisin O Neill and Sean McKenzie, introduce their characters, and today I’m sharing a little more of our chat, which took place at the Newhampton Arts Centre last week,

Fashion-mommy: What attracted you to Ladies Day?

Deena: Well, it was originally written about Hull, all the characters were Northern. I just think it combines all the elements, Joy, the excitement of the races, lots of emotion. It is just fantastic to play in, and I love working with the others.

Emma: I love the idea that each of the characters are driven by desperation in some way, and have so much drive. I’ve never done a play before so it is a new experience. And the Wolverhampton Grand is a great stage to be playing on – what a beautiful theatre.

Roisin: It’s an everyman story, relatable and engaging. It’s like the classic ‘Sex in the City’ scenario,. four women, with so much common ground, so alike and so united.. For my character, what she gets is nothing to do with money.

Sean: I love the elements related to working to escape circumstances, it is a classic underdog story.

Cheryl: I feel very blessed to be working, I’ve been touring with a musical for the past three years and coming from a musical to a straight play is great. It is a great part for a woman of my age, and I love how the Grand have got the local community engaged and involved. I trained in community theatre and think it is very brave that the Grand are doing this for themselves. Local community involvement is so important.

Sean: Amanda writes great female roles, I love that the play and all the characters are so strong. It also has a real working class feel, working class people do identify with these characters.

Cheryl: Art parallels life. I’m getting my child through education like Jan, and it is a strong thread for my character, do you let your children fly, or do you smother them?

FM: Tell me about what your characters wear for Ladies Day, and what you would wear yourselves?

Deena: Well the characters are working class factory lasses, Pearl is wearing an outfit that she probably last wore at a wedding 7 years ago.

Cheryl: And Jan just wears one of the frocks that still fits her.

Roisin: Linda wears a borrowed hat, not really that glam.

Emma: Shelley is the character who is probably most into fashion, she likes shopping.

Cheryl: If I could wear anything – maybe Millets tents! No I like Scarlett and Jo and Yours. I’m not that interested in fashion – but if you let me look around houses, that is far more my thing.

Roisin: I would definitely wear a Phillip Treacy hat, something really ornate.

Emma: There are so many designers…I would wear a Dior dress, definitely something couture.

Deena: I would wear something fairly simple, something long, definitely something Italian.

Emma: And Louboutins

Sean: Jim with money would wear Tom Ford.

Fashion-mommy: Theatre of television, which do you prefer?

Emma: This is my first play, and it is all so completely different from television.

Deena: I love the intensity of television, the release of doing a musical, I love that plays have a beginning, a middle and an end. Just so much to recommend each different thing.

Cheryl: I just like to be working, love attempting any challenge that is thrust my way I like to rise to. There’s nothing I don’t like.

Roisin: You like them for different reasons. There’s an equal level of enjoyment for both theatre and television, just for different reasons.


Fri 13 Jul – Sat 28 Jul


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