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I’m diabetic (not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before but I am), and one of the side effects of diabetes can be problems with your eyesight. I have to have my eyes tested on a fairly regular basis to see how my sugar levels are affecting my sight. These are usually fairly routine, a bit unpleasant, but my eyes have been in generally good condition. But, during my most recent tests it became clear there had been some deterioration to my eye sight since the time of the last test, not terribly serious at the moment, but likely to increase in severity as time goes on. I’m not ashamed to say I froze. The reason being that I hate the idea of wearing glasses.

I know this sounds really vain, but hear me out before judging. I love the look of glasses on other people.¬† Many members of my family wear glasses, my mom, dad, sister and brother all need them, some all the time, my father just for reading. They all look great in glasses, particularly my sister, who has that cool girl Alexa Chung thing going on. But I just don’t suit glasses, even avoiding wearing sunglasses in the summer. I’ve just never found a pair that suits me, and believe me, I’ve tried plenty. Maybe it’s the shape of my face, or my beaky nose, but I just feel terrible when wearing them. Thankfully Optical Express¬† have other solutions.


Optical Express is one of the leading specialists in laser Eye surgery. This procedure involves a beam of light from a which laser gently reshapes the cornea of your eye. This improves vision and could give you complete freedom from glasses and contact lenses.My sister-in-law Lina is just one of the 20million people worldwide who have opted for this procedure and have banished the glasses and contact lenses for good.

Currently you can have a free consultation from Optical Express where an optometrist assesses your vision and suitability for laser surgery, explain the procedure in more detail.  This gives a great opportunity for you to ask questions to find out if the surgery is an option for you. There is even the opportunity to win a free treatment.

news-10million I may have some time yet before I need to make a decision about how to improve my eye-sight, but it is great to know that I have options available.

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  1. I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 13! I dont have contacts atm but am booking in to get some as I fancy going spec free some days! My SIL had eye surgery & I’ve often been tempted to….just a wee bit chicken! Ax

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