Lightweight Hi Vis Jackets For The Morning Run

When you’re putting together your outfit for your morning run hi-vis clothing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Depending on the time of year and your local climate you’re probably more focused on getting a good pair of running shorts and some shoes with the proper ankle support. Here’s a free guide to running by trainfora5k

For many people, hi-vis clothing something that is worn by tradesmen and workers. Hi-vis clothing is for making sure you’re seen while you’re on the job. When in reality, hi-vis clothing is much more versatile than many people think and can make a great choice of attire for your morning run.

Whether you’re a veteran runner with plenty of marathon medals or a complete novice it makes no difference! Runners of any experience can benefit from adding some hi-vis clothing to their running outfit. Let’s look at why hi-vis clothing can be so beneficial when it comes to your morning run.

The Hi-Vis Benefits!

OK, so admittedly from a fashion perspective hi-vis might lacking a little bit although if you expand your search a little you can find some surprisingly fashionable pieces of hi-vis attire! However, when you’re focusing on running fashion should not be your main priority.

Hi-vis clothing offers many great benefits to runners and below I’ve outlined all the main perks in more detail.

Safety: Hi-vis clothing is famed for its high visibility and is used in many dangerous jobs like construction and railway engineering to better ensure people’s visibility.

This is an incredibly important benefit that can also help ensure a runners safety as well. Now, of course, your morning run won’t be as dangerous as working on a construction site but it does still hold potential dangers. Especially in the autumn and winter mornings when it’s still relatively dark outside.

So, by wearing a hi-vis vest or jacket you’ll be better able to improve your visibility which will help ensure car drivers, cyclists, and other runners see you. Runners and joggers can also be easy victims to crimes like muggings, especially in early mornings when fewer people are about.

By wearing hi-vis clothing you can improve your safety as more people will be able to see you even from a far distance. Safety on your morning run is paramount so make sure you add an Ace work gear jacket to your running gear for them dark cold runs.

Versatility: Hi-vis clothing isn’t just vests and jackets, it comes in many forms and they can all make great additions to your running outfit. Shirts, shorts, tights, leggings and much more can all be hi-vis and that is great news for runners.

A lot of hi-vis clothing is also specially designed for runners as well you won’t be uncomfortable or feel restricted in any way. Hi-vis clothing for runners also comes in many different colours sand you can go beyond the usual yellow and green shades.

In fact, because more colours are available it actually increases the safety benefits of hi-vis clothing. A hot pink colour is used a lot when it comes to women’s hi-vis running clothing because it is so noticeable, unlike other colours it doesn’t fade into the background. Yes, it might be a very bright colour but it ensures you’ll be noticed.  

With so many options to choose from you can utilise hi-vis clothing however you want, it could be as simple as throwing on a jacket or vest in the colder months or you could kit out your whole running outfit with hi-vis clothing. Do it your way and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Comfort: We’ve all seen the famous hi-vis jackets haven’t we? If you’ve never worn one before then it’s understandable why they might look too thick and uncomfortable but when you actually wear one it surprising how deceptive they can appear.

Because they are actually very comfortable, the same principle apply for the hi-vis clothing runners and cyclists can wear. It might look uncomfortable but when you actually wear it you’ll see that it’s comfortable and not restrictive so it won’t affect your performance.

Lightweight hi-vis clothing is usually made of comfortable breathable fabrics which is exactly what a runner needs. But even their thicker jackets will help stimulate body heat and keep you comfortable while you run. So, you won’t be sacrificing any of your performance for increased visibility.

So, that’s a look at the main three benefits of hi-vis clothing when you look at it all it really does have the tri-factor runners need. It will keep you comfortable, it can be worn in many different ways but best of all it helps ensure you are safe.


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