6 Reasons Why an Executive Rental Is Ideal for Your Next Business Trip

Are you booking accommodations on behalf of your business? Whether you’re looking to house employees, partners, or other VIPs, Toronto’s range of executive rentals can help create an exceptional corporate housing experience for the duration of your project or event. 

What Is an Executive Rental?

Executive rentals, otherwise known as corporate housing, furnished apartments, or serviced apartments, are meant to create a temporary housing experience for business travellers. When it comes to corporate housing, business and pleasure are combined—the goal is to create a comfortable living environment and a private space for members for your company. 

What Sets Executive Rentals Apart?

What makes corporate housing different from a hotel or Airbnb? While all three are temporary housing solutions, corporate housing was designed to fulfill the needs of businesses. While hotels and Airbnbs rely primarily on tourists in high-traffic areas, executive rentals are ideal for long-term stays, which is typically reflected in their pricing structure. 

When it comes to the value of long-term accommodations, executive rentals give you the highest return on your investment while including a variety of essential amenities and value-added services. 

We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of reasons why an increasing number of businesses are gravitating away from other temporary housing options and towards executive rentals. 

Why Are Businesses Choosing Executive Rentals?

1. Guaranteed Cleanliness 

The COVID-19 pandemic forces travellers to focus on their health and safety above all else. As a business, the wellbeing of your employees must always come first. When it comes to booking corporate accommodations, the high turnover rates found at Airbnbs and hotels may put your best workers at risk. 

Executive rentals offer peace of mind through rigid sanitization standards, regular cleaning routines, and a lower turnover rate of guests. The quality of accommodations is also consistent, with every guest offered a safe, clean, and comfortable place to stay. 

2. Diverse Room Selection 

Executive rental companies let you cater to each of your guests, whether they’re traveling solo or with their families. Companies typically offer a portfolio of options, with listings ranging in the type of accommodation and number of bedrooms. 

Some corporate housing companies also offer VIP options. Impress key stakeholders in your company with exceptional accommodations and highly personalized services. 

3. Fully-Furnished Units 

Imagine providing your employees with a home away from home. That’s precisely what executive rentals were designed to offer. Each unit is typically fully-furnished with a fully-equipped kitchen, separate living area, and workstation. 

Unlike hotels and Airbnbs, executive rentals are meant to house company employees and business partners. Rooms are laid out in a way that promotes collaboration and boosts productivity while also giving employees a taste of luxury and the peace to unwind. 

4. Transparent Pricing 

Executive rentals let you save on the cost of a long-term hotel stay while delivering a consistent, high-quality corporate housing experience. Moreover, unlike hotels and Airbnbs, the price of an executive rental doesn’t fluctuate as often, allowing you to budget well in advance. 

Many corporate housing companies also offer discounts for extended stays. If you expect to complete your project over the span of several months, an executive rental may be more cost-effective than a hotel. 

Because they serve businesses, executive rental companies are typically more flexible when it comes to modifying the length of your stay to meet changing deadlines. 

5. High-Quality Amenities 

Make sure your employees and business partners are well taken care of by giving them everything they need to live in their new home, from a fully-equipped kitchen to high-speed WiFi and long-distance calling capabilities. 

Depending on your chosen corporate housing provider, your employees can gain access to ensuite laundry, on-site fitness centres, and swimming pools. Recruit and retain better talent with a stand-out corporate housing experience. 

6. Prime GTA Locations 

Position your employees close to the job site with a corporate housing provider that occupies listings throughout Toronto and the surrounding GTA. 

Many executive rentals are situated in highly coveted locations that offer sweeping downtown views as well as walking distance to grocery stores, public transit, pharmacies, and other conveniences. 

Create an Exceptional Corporate Housing Experience for Your Employees 

Are you looking for executive rentals to book in Toronto? The city offers a wide range of options for corporate housing. Promote job satisfaction, boost productivity, and impress VIPs with Toronto Luxury Suites

Executive rentals are an affordable, high-quality option for businesses looking to house employees, business partners, and other key stakeholders for long-term stays. Provide your most valuable company members with a consistent e

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