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Loving IKEA’s new kitchen rules, as decided by kids

When it comes to funny  ad campaigns, IKEA always seem to come up trumps. Last year it was the frankly hilarious hypnotist who had people believing they were living in an IKEA world based in their store (you can check this out here.) and this year they have kids taking over in the kitchen – quite literally. From designing kitchen spaces to making up their own rules for cooking and spending time in the kitchen, I have to say that in this case, to quote The Who, the kids are alright.

I’m  guessing that part of the reason I love this is that, as a really bad cook who frankly hates being in the kitchen, these rules seem to be designed with me in mind. The mess is a given, I leave a total train of destruction whenever I attempt cooking – from pots and pans, to bits of eggshell, and, woe betide I’m trying to make cakes. There will be more flour on the worktops than you will find in any cake.  Then there is the point about not being worried if you lose interest. I nearly said an hallelujah to that point, I get bored to tears peeling spuds and have to take a break mid way through.  The more you watch the film, the more you think ‘this kid talks a lot of sense.’

Are there any current adverts or campaigns you are currently loving? Are you getting excited about the upcoming Christmas ad campaigns?

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