Loving IKEA’s new kitchen rules, as decided by kids

When it comes to funny  ad campaigns, IKEA always seem to come up trumps. Last year it was the frankly hilarious hypnotist who had people believing they were living in an IKEA world based in their store (you can check this out here.) and this year they have kids taking over in the kitchen – quite literally. From designing kitchen spaces to making up their own rules for cooking and spending time in the kitchen, I have to say that in this case, to quote The Who, the kids are alright.

I’m  guessing that part of the reason I love this is that, as a really bad cook who frankly hates being in the kitchen, these rules seem to be designed with me in mind. The mess is a given, I leave a total train of destruction whenever I attempt cooking – from pots and pans, to bits of eggshell, and, woe betide I’m trying to make cakes. There will be more flour on the worktops than you will find in any cake.  Then there is the point about not being worried if you lose interest. I nearly said an hallelujah to that point, I get bored to tears peeling spuds and have to take a break mid way through.  The more you watch the film, the more you think ‘this kid talks a lot of sense.’

Are there any current adverts or campaigns you are currently loving? Are you getting excited about the upcoming Christmas ad campaigns?

Ikea’s Time Travel experiment with Jeff & Beth

We have all seen the first part of the hilarious Ikea Time Travel Experiment campaign, where a young couple were hypnotized by the fabulous hypnotist Justin Tranz. They believed they were in their future, complete with a grown up daughter and a home, which was, in fact, the room within an IKEA store. (You can revisit that ad here.) The second part of the campaign has now been released, and this time it stares Jeff and Beth, who, once again, were hypnotized into believing they were experiencing very real life in the bathrooms and bedrooms of their local IKEA store.

The new film is side-splitting funny, with Jeff and Beth snoozing, fully dressed, in the middle of a busy store. Jeff is prompted into proposing to Beth, and it is almost excruciating to watch, as he explains why he wants to marry Beth (when we met we both liked pizza even though we are both lactose intolerant – I laughed out loud! – what a line.) We then also see Jeff, who now believes he has a son, trying to explain where babies come from. It is super funny, and Jeff is an absolute star, totally absorbed in the story and his (possible) future life.

You can find your future bedroom and bathroom in the new IKEA catalogue, visit http://www.IKEA.com

Check out #IkeaTimeTravel

Have you seen the fascinating, and downright hilarious new ad campaign from Swedish furniture giants IKEA? If you haven’t, you are in for a treat. IKEA have decided to focus on bathrooms and bedrooms, the rooms where we start and end our days, as the centre-point to their latest film campaign. But they have also enlisted the help of famed hypnotist, Justin Tranz, and some very susceptible members of the general public, to produce a campaign that is honestly like no other I have ever seen.

Johan Wickmark,catalogue manager at IKEA tells us a little more about the concept of the campaign, he explains “At IKEA, we believe that life happens everyday. That it’s on those seemingly ordinary days the magic happens, when life takes shape and changes, and it’s for those moments we create our products and solutions”. IKEA have latched onto the concept that so many of the special and important things in life happen in the everyday surroundings of the home and claim that ‘when life goes through changes, so does our home.’ They also believe that if our home is how we want it to be, this can affect the quality of our life for the better. It’s all interesting stuff, and is reflected to hilarious effect by Adam and Sofi, the couple who are hypnotised into believing their local branch of IKEA is actually there home, albeit sometime in the future, and that a number of actors are future members of their family.

My personal fave bit of the Adam and Sofi experience.

My personal fave bit of the Adam and Sofi experience.

I personally love this campaign, which I think is both innovative, and sweet and very funny. You can tweet your thoughts on the campaign using the hashtag #IKEAtimetravel.