Made in Chelsea – Millie Mackintosh style.

I love Millie Mackintosh! She is the super stylish, gorgeous golden girl from Made In Chelsea who recently had her heart-broken by the cheating idiot that is Hugo. (Who, for some reason, reminds me of Neil from the Inbetweeners…but that’s probably for another blog. Why anyone could cheat on Millie is beyond me. As well as being super sweet, she is also gloriously pretty and always looks groomed and glamorous.

Millie is definitely an uptown girl. Whilst friend Caggie has a slightly boho feel to her wardrobe, Millie has a more tailored style. There is something about Millie that resembles a Californian Roller Girl a la Heather Graham. With a love of tailored hot pants in denim and leather, chic tailored jackets with just a hint of Chanel about them Millie thinks about the fashion box of glittery frocks for premieres. She also shows she understands fashion rules,  her legs are on display, but she pairs those sexy shirts with shirts and blouses that add a touch of the demure to the outfit.

Millie also  uses accessories really well. She never knowingly over-accessorises, keeping jewellery to a minimum, but she is a big fan of Zara Taylor jewellery, and often wears her gorgeous pieces on Made in Chelsea. She also understands the importance of a statement bag, sporting a range of clutches in nude shades and also holding a covetable Zatchel in the most beautiful raspberry shade.

Fresh and pretty, Millie always looks sensational, and is definitely a fashion star to watch, and has she is a High Street girl with a weakness for shopping, we should get to see some interesting looks.