Mini-U natural hair and skin products – perfect for pampering your little ones.

One of the bane of my life at the moment is hair. Not my hair I might add, long and straight, with neither a kink or a curl in it, it is easy to manage and look after. No, it is my son’s thick, wavy and rather wayward hair that is the problem.

Joe has beautiful hair, thick and lustrous, and full of waves and the odd curl that is a mixture of his Italian inheritance and a throwback to my mom, who has the same thick mop. Unfortunately, like most 4 years olds, he hates having his hair washed, conditioned or brushed. Which is a problem, as Joe is not the cleanest of 4 year olds, at any one time his hair can contain a mixture of Ice cream, tomato ketchup and sticky sweets leading to him needing his hair washed most days. Add into this situation his fear of shampoo getting into his eyes, and my fear that many shampoos are stripping essential oils from the hair, and bathtime becomes a tense situation.

With all this in mind I was very interested when I was asked if Joe would like to review the latest, new and improved hair products from mini-u, a range that produces reasonably priced, natural bath and hair products especially for children. Using extracts of natural products, like coconut and almonds, these products promised that cleanliness and hygiene would be addressed whilst also protecting the delicate skin and hair of young children.

The first products we tried were the Moisture Mania Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner. The first thing I noticed was that this wasn’t a soap laden shampoo. Rather than a thick cream, this was a transparent liquid that looked very pure. There was a lovely scent of coconut, but this was gentle rather than an over powering perfumed scent, supporting the notion that this was a shampoo that was free from ‘nasties’ – totally sulphate free and therefore gentle on eyes and sensitive scalps. Despite the lack of froth and foam, a little of this shampoo went a long way, making it a good budget option too. The shampoo was safe enough to ensure that Joe was still smiling both during and after washing.

Enjoying bathtime despite shampoo!

The conditioner is also excellent, leaving Joe’s hair very soft and perfectly manageable so that getting a brush through it wasn’t as difficult as this can be. Again, a small amount goes a very long way, so this will be a great long-lasting product that is suitable for all hair types – great if you have more than one child.

Joe takes his shiny new hair out to lunch.

There is one more product I must honourably mention, especially if your child has the sort of hair that is prone to knots and tangles. The Dynamite detangling spray is a total hero product of this range, perfect for sorting morning tangles before school. I love that this works so well on dry hair, simply spray on and pull the brush through gently – all tangles are instantly sorted out without the usual tears and shouts of ouch. This is the perfect product to carry in your handbag for windy days when hair gets a beating.

The mini-u range is great for looking after young children’s hair and skin, and with prices averaging about £4.99, this is a range that is also affordable. Check out the full range at their website, click here to visit.


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  1. I’ve tried this stuff before on my little girl and have to say it is really good, and seems to last forever. Great review.

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