Mr Frosty is back!

When I was a child, there was one toy that everyone wanted to receive at Christmas, or for their birthday, and that was Mr Frosty. The child-friendly ice crushing machine was made for long hot summers, leaving you able to make a range of slushies, drinks and ice lollies. Unfortunately, I never received one despite putting it on my Christmas list year after year, but now Mr Frosty is back for the 21st century, new and improved, and actually offering healthier options – no more sugary syrup!





Flair are behind the relaunch of the iconic toy, and they have made some changes that fit more with a 21st century ethos. In the 1980s, drinks were flavoured with an extremely sugary syrup that made all concoctions unhealthy in the extreme. Today these have been removed from the Mr Frosty kit, with the idea that you can use your own fruit juices and cordials (we opted for the high in Vitamin C Ribena for our drinks.) This means your child can enjoy all the fun of Mr Frosty without totally rotting their teeth in the process.

Joe had great fun playing with Mr Frosty. We used ice that had been left out to soften it for a short while as this makes it easier to crush – always good if your child has no patience. We used regular ice cubes, but you can also make fun fruit shapes using the tray that comes with Mr Frosty. Our ice cubes were just water and we added juice from the penguin bottle later, but you could freeze fruit juice or cordial and then crush them making a pre-prepared slushy. The pack also comes with ice lolly makers – we’ve made these using cordial and just popped them in the fridge in the hope that the sunshine makes a return.



You can find out more about Flair’s range of creative products for children by clicking here.

Mr Frosty can be found at a range of High Street and online retailers, including Smyths Toys and The Entertainer.

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  1. I haven’t had one as a child, but we got it for reviewing as well. We managed to break the handle off already, such a disaster. My younger one is distraught.

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