Must watch TV – Sienna Miller as ‘The Girl’

‘The Girl’, if you were wondering, was Tippi Hedren, a beautiful blonde actress from the early 1960s whose career was launched, and then ruined, by the legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock. He gave her the lead role in his classic movie ‘The Birds’, a film where she showed a real talent for conveying the icy sensuality of the ice-cream blonde that Hitchcock was so impressed with, the stereotypical Hitchcock Blonde. She also had a stunning role as the beautiful kleptomaniac Marnie, opposite a young Sean Connery, again excelling in this difficult role. But Tippi’s career was stalled when she spurned the advances of the portly, strange director, she was tied to a contract and Hitchcock refused to let her work for other directors and studios, effectively ending her career just as it was taking off.

And now a new TV film is retelling the fascinating story of the Film legend and his muse, with Toby Jones taking the part of Hitchcock, and fashion plate Sienna Miller playing Tippi. Called ‘The Girl’ the programme is being broadcast on BBC 2 on Boxing Day, and is my TV highlight of Christmas. Stills from the film show that Sienna looks uncannily like Tippi Hedren, and the early 1960s style elegant costumes are just wonderful, making this a treat for anyone with an interest in fashion and Hollywood style.

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2 thoughts on “Must watch TV – Sienna Miller as ‘The Girl’

  1. Was totally fab ! watched it last night. I never realised he was such a pig and with such a foul mouth. Sienna Miller was beautiful and wonderful in it .

    • A pig and a bit of a perve. Feel so sorry that he basically wrecked the real Tippi’s career.

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