Never forget again with the ‘Must Remember That’ App

In our busy modern lives, we seem to have more and more things to remember. From birthdays, important work meetings, appointments and family and friend dates, we can often fill a diary or a notice board twice over. Add in special dates concerning our children and their schools (and my lad has a busier social calendar than I do with football matches, Birthday parties, school events and sports training), and you would have to have a mind of an elephant not to forget some of these things, leading to some embarrassing moments.

Me...most days!

Me…most days!

That’s why I am so pleased with the ‘Must Remember that’ app, which supports the website you can find here. The App is the brainchild of two dads. They were football coaches who found themselves organising the lives of their team members through emails, messages and phone calls, and often forgot their own important life events as a consequence. They designed an app that would allow you to organise not just your life, whether that be car tax renewal date, birthdays or school parent’s evening, but would also allow you to organise the life of your nearest and dearest too.

Joe's football dates would go on the 'Must Remember that' app

Joe’s football dates would go on the ‘Must Remember that’ app


The App is free and is very simple to use. It can be linked to your social media, allowing you to share important dates with your networks if required. It is also great if you are looking to renew an insurance policy and are looking for a better, cheaper quote. The ‘Must Remember That’ app will look for quotes, and will help you to avoid those late minute decisions by giving you ample time to change your policy.

I think the ‘Must Remember That’ App could prove to be a godsend when it comes to never again forgetting those important days and dates. If there is one thing you do need to remember, it’s to download this app, which you can find at the app store or at


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