Using e-cigs to quit smoking

When we look back at the trends and products that defined the ‘tweens’ (2010s…not really sure if that is the right word, but then again not sure what else it could be.), the e-cigarette will definitely be in the list.  As traditional smoking has seen figures fall due to both health and cost implications, ,more and more people have turned to the e-cig as a way to save money or as an healthier option. Whether it be the electronic cigarette that still resembles a ciggie, or the vapour style kits that have different flavour options, e-cigs are here to stay. I personally think this is a very good thing, because there is no doubt that it was the use of e-cig vaping kits that helped my husband, a long-time heavy smoker, to both quit and stay off the cigarettes for good.

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My personal experience

I met my husband when I was 20 and he was 21. He had already been a smoker for about 8 years at this point, freely admitting that he used his dinner money to buy cigarettes when he was in High School. His whole family was made up of smokers, from his younger sister to his mom and dad, and close friends both at work, and outside the work environment, all smoked too. It was the 1990s and smoking had still not been banned in public places, and my future husband already had a 20 a day habit.

It is hard to explain just how much time smoking can take up, and how it can effect your life. My husband started and ended the day with a cigarette. Every meal was followed by a cigarette, if we were in a restaurant he would leave between courses and I would sit on my own. As time went on and the smoking ban came into force, I would spend a lot of time in restaurants, pubs, shops on my own whilst Pete was outside smoking a cigarette.  It could be a cold life for Pete, and a lonely one for me – a non-smoker.


My hubby, no a proud non smoker

Things started to change when Joe was born, all smoking was banned to outside, whatever the time of day or night. Then Joe started to get older, and christened Pete’s cigarettes ‘nasties’. When he also started to copy Pete with a pen, my husband suddenly realised that something had to give. By now he smoked 30 a day.

Joe was a main reason for quitting smoking for Pete

Joe was a main reason for quitting smoking for Pete

There was no way that my husband could’ve quit without the e-cigs. Vaping gave him something to replace the cigarette, he still had the feeling of the cigarette in his hand and something to smoke, but without smoking an actual cigarette any longer. He managed to reduce actual cigarettes to 4 per day within a couple of weeks, and then continued vaping with no real cigarettes, and eventually, after about 6 weeks, he quit altogether, and has never smoked since. His health, fitness and bank balance have all improved, and I genuinely believe he couldn’t have done this without the e-cigs.

If you are hoping to quit, and are struggling, you may find that replacing some of your cigarettes with e-cigs is a way to start the giving up process.