New Season Occasion Dresses From Missacc

Spring is almost upon us, and with the coming of the new season, we start to think about occasion dressing. Year 11’s are already deep into planning their upcoming Summer proms, whilst there are many people planning for that ultimate occasion – the Summer wedding. There are also ladies days, regattas and Summer balls, all of which mean turning to occasion dressing, and so this is an ideal time to introduce you to a brand that is new to me, but perfect for those special occasions, Missacc. Missacc is a brand that has a brilliant reputation when it comes to occasion dressing, you can find so many positive testimonials in the Missacc reviews section that you just know you will be able to find the perfect dress for your special occasion.

So what styles are Missacc recommending when it comes to prom dressing in 2024?

Prom Dressing

Prom dressing used to only mean one thing, a dress, usually in a pastel colour, that was the size of a small country and made the wearer look like a blancmange – think Monica in that famous episode of Friends. These days it is clear that prom dressing is so much more glamorous, elegant and frankly grown up, and more streamlined styles and jewel, rather than pastel colours, work oh so well.

Prom dresses can now be a dress that you could actually re-wear to any evening occasion, or even a wedding where the dress code is black tie. Full length is still fabulous, although it is no longer obligatory, and the rainbow choice of colours means you should easily be able to find something that suits your colouring and personality. These are dresses that look like they’ve come direct from the catwalk, and could easily be worn, by a celeb, on the red carpet. Sheer glamour!

Wedding Dresses

Although it is still one of the most important days of your life, your wedding dress no longer has to cost the Earth. As with prom dressing, wedding dresses in recent times have moved away from frou-frou and meringue, and have, in some cases, been a dress you can actually wear again for a special occasion.

White is still the most popular dress colour, and actually works well for beach weddings as well as those held in more traditional venues. Plain and simple styles look chic and elegant, but embellishment and bling is still popular for those who really want to shine on their big day.

As with prom styles, every length is available, and, if your style veers more towards short and flirty, then you should definitely go with the flow – after all, it’s your big day so you choose the dress!

Do you have a big occasion that requires a very special dress in 2024?


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