New Year, New Start for 2016

Every year, millions of people make a whole heap of resolutions, things they want to do, or achieve, or do differently, in the new year. New Year, new start is a mantra that lots of people want to live by, but then break the well-meaning resolutions by the 2nd week in January. But for some people a new year could really mean a totally new start, something that is dramatic, life-changing, and ultimately life affirming.

I recently read an amazing story in the National press about a couple who decided to make a major life change. They sold their home, most of their belongings and then purchased a boat, starting a new life on the ocean waves. Now, you may not want to do something quite so drastic, although it does sound perfect for a sea lover like me (I always had dreams of living on a boat in Fowey), but if you are looking for a move and want to sell your home quickly, then it may be worth contacting UK Home Buyers.


UK Home Buyers are a company that can help you if you need to sell property fast. They are a cash buying property company who specialise in buying properties quickly, (they claim that you should be able to sell your house within 7 days, which is pretty impressive, with the average, no chain sale taking at least 3 months.) UK Homebuyers Ltd do not need to secure mortgage funding due to arrangements with private and corporate investors and can complete on the purchase very quickly without having to satisfy the increasingly frustrating requirements of buy to let mortgage lenders. If you want a new start, a very quick sale or just have that impatient gene, UK Home Buyers could be the answer to all your prayers.


With 2015 coming to an end, 2016 may just be the year where you make all those long held dreams come true. Remember, only you can do this.


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