Pass that MOT first time – A handy Guide

There is no worse feeling. Your car goes in for its MOT, you’re pretty sure it will pass, but then you get the phone call. It’s failed – on brakes, on lights, on suspension, on just about anything you did not suspect would happen. More money required, more time required, cue much snapping and snarling and choice words about the ‘bloomin’ car’ or something much stronger.

Yet, many of the failures mentioned could be avoided if motorists carried out regular checks themselves. Motorparks, the car dealers who find both new and used cars from a range of manufacturers, have put together a very useful, cut out and keep guide, which aims to help your car pass that MOT at the first time of asking.

The guide, entitled ‘The essential Pre-MOT checklist’, looks at all the key areas that your car will be tested on during its MOT, and then helps you identify the things that could lead to your car failing. The stats show that the most common cause of failure is due to lights and signalling, with 18.74 (almost 1 in 5) failed MOTs coming from this area. Another cause of failure is shock absorbers causing problems with the suspension.

The guide gives you simple tips for checking all those problem areas, and also some pertinent legal advice for the more serious issue. I think this guide needs to be printed off and stuck on the fridge. This could ensure your car passes first time, every time.

Did your car pass its MOT first time when it was last tested? If not, what did it fail on?

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4 thoughts on “Pass that MOT first time – A handy Guide

  1. Super informative post have to admit we never do any prep before an MOT so this is certainly food for thought!

  2. I can’t say I drive (I don’t even own a provisional), but this is ever so handy for someone who does own a car!

  3. That’s a great guide em, I don’t drive but I’m sure it’d be super handy for when I do. I like to be organised so It’s something to print off and pin up somewhere xx

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