Pregnancy Health – Using Prenatal vitamins

Looking after yourself and your health is always important, but even more so when you are pregnant. The food you eat, the things you do and even your day to day routines may all be changed when you find you are going to have a child, and this often happens very early on in your pregnancy. Smoking, drinking, some types of food, some forms of medication, all of these are things that might need to be avoided or changed during your pregnancy, and you may also need some form of prenatal vitamin to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs to support the healthy development and growth of a new baby.

You may already take vitamins as part of your daily routine before you are pregnant, and that is great, but you will probably still need to change to a prenatal variety for the duration of your pregnancy. You can find a range of the top prenatal vitamins at, which may help you find the right formulation for you.

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA 500 mg Softgels

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA 500 mg Softgels gives a really good description of how prenatal vitamins differ from a regular multivitamin, making the point that you should change your vitamin rather than taking a prenatal and a regular type simultaneously. They say:-

” Prenatal vitamins are different from regular multivitamins; their vitamin and mineral makeup are carefully calibrated to meet the needs of a pregnancy. While it is generally safe to take a prenatal with other medications, it is not advisable to take them with your regular multivitamin. High doses of certain ingredients could be harmful to your baby, so speak to your doctor about what to take. Experts also recommend that new mothers continue to take prenatal vitamins while they are breastfeeding, so this information will still be important for you after your baby arrives.”


Prenatal vitamins are stuffed with the kind of nutrients you hear about all the time when you are pregnant, things like folic acid, and Calcium. Vitamin D and Iron are also supper important – I suffered an iron deficiency early in my pregnancy and had to have a iron supplement to make up for this. I could’ve improved my iron deficiency through diet, but was also struggling with morning sickness, so eating was another problem. This is why prenatal vitamins can be so important. After all, looking after yourself can only benefit your baby too.

Did you take prenatal vitamins when you were pregnant?