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Reviewed – Caviar Treatments from Skin Chemists

“My father was a Chemist and member of the Pharmacology Society of Great Britain graduating in 1958. In the 1990’s while I was working with him making a new formulation, we were talking about what makes a great formulation. He said to me, “Richard, when we’re making a skin treatment, you need to make it with passion, to make it with love, and make it knowing that your treatment is going to help many, many people.”

– Richard Walker, Founder & Managing Director

At the end of last year, I was introduced to the work of Skin Chemists, a company who are continually break barriers when it comes to creating effective and revolutionary skin care scientifically. I was sent a couple of products to test drive on my skin, skin which was being ravaged by a combination of illness, Christmas over indulgence and Winter weather and environmental issues. I have now been using the products for almost two months and I have been very impressed with the results and the formulations.


Caviar Eye Serum

The Caviar Eye Serum is a product designed to ‘brighten, smooth and rejuvenate’ the delicate area around the eyes. I often work into the night and so dark shadows are a bit of an occupational hazard, so I was interested to see if there would be any effect.

Advanced Caviar Eye Serum £119 Click to visit Skin Chemists
Advanced Caviar Eye Serum £119 Click to visit Skin Chemists

I used the serum both morning and night, as often as I could, although the morning application sometimes got missed if I was running late. I cleansed and dried my skin before applying the serum, which comes in a very attractive, pump action bottle allowing you to get the right amount of serum for the eye area without waste.



The serum contains caviar extract, a nutritious marine complex which helps to protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays, another great reason to apply this in the morning before you start your day. Another key ingredient is Seaweed Extract, which is both an anti oxident and helps to add hydration to the skin.

The consistency of the serum is like a gel. It has a lovely, fruity scent that is fresh and appealing, especially in the morning. It feels very cool and soothing when it is applied to the under eye area and the eye socket, I tap it into gently rather than rubbing it in, and find it is very soothing on tired eyes.


The formulation is non-sting or irritating. I have used some eye creams that have left the skin tingling, but this is very gentle. It sinks into the eye area very quickly, and is definitely having an effect in making my eyes appear less tired and a little brighter. I’m finding myself using a lot less concealer in the mornings now.

Caviar Night Moisturiser

The Caviar Night Moisturiser promised to ‘replenish, revive and repair’. As well as the aforementioned cavier extract, the cream also contains Protease, which breaks down dead skin cells and balances natural PH levels, and also contains one of my fave ingredients, Shea Butter which is rich in Vitamins A and E and is a key for deeper hydration.

Advanced Caviar Night Moisturiser £109 Click to visit Skin Chemists
Advanced Caviar Night Moisturiser £109 Click to visit Skin Chemists

If you are aethestically minded, it has to be said that this cream is contained in a stunning spherical jar in silver that looks stunning, and would be a great addition to a bathroom shelf or a dressing table. Again, the cream has a lovely fruity scent that brings to mind apricot and strawberries, this makes it very pleasant to use.



For a night cream I was surprised by just how light the formulation is, but once it is added to the skin it leaves you feeling very taut and nourished, you actually feel like you can feel the cream moisturising and really working. The cream sinks into the skin very quickly and easily, great if you are planning on going straight to bed after moisturising, and the formulation is also non greasy, with the skin feeling very soft once the cream is absorbed.



I have to say I love this cream, it is such a gentle, easy cream to use and it does leave the skin feeling nourished and refreshed. This is non sticky, non greasy and non sting, and it really works. Add in the fact that it is paraban free and made in the UK, and you have a skin product that is a real hero in your regime.

Have you tried Skin Chemists formulations yet?

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