Reviewed: The Night Owl Duvet

Is there anything more annoying at home then when you have to change the duvet cover. Honestly, it sometimes feels like the thing is trying to kill you, particularly if you are attempting this on your own and have a king size quilt. You virtually have to climb inside to get the corners right, and don’t even talk to me about shaking it to get it all straight. It’s like a work of military precision. I shudder at the thought.

But what if I said that there was a coverless duvet that was not only super comfortable and convenient to use, but took all all the need for quilt covers, and was machine washable into the bargain. You’d be interested, right? Well that is exactly what The Night Owl Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company offers.

The Night Owl is a lightweight fibre fill duvet that is suitable for all seasons, comes in a range of colours, a range of sizes and a range of togs. The Night Owl comes complete with its own super soft cover, so you don’t need to put anything over the top of it, and it is machine washable and dries within 90 minutes, so you can wash it and get it back on your bed same day. It is also hypo allergenic, so suitable even for those with sensitive skin conditions.

I love this duvet for so many reasons. When it first arrived (in the year round warmth 10.5 tog version), I was skeptical. It didn’t feel that thick, and the slightly silky touch made me think it would be a great option in Summer but not so in Winter. I was totally wrong. This is the perfect duvet that keeps you warm without making you hot so you get a really comfortable night and actually sleep easier. The choice of colours mean that you can match this to your bedroom, and the quick wash and very fast dry also mean that this is a practical option that requires no ironing. I also love the fact that the filling is 100% Smartfil® Microfibre from Recycled PET Bottles making it perfect for those who like their choices to be kinder to the planet.

If you struggle with your current duvet, maybe the hate the fact that it moves inside the duvet cover, making you frustrated at night, or maybe you are looking for a simple option for a child’s bed, then this could well be the duvet for you.

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