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Save the Cyberworld with Bletchley Park and McAfee

As a parent with a child who is just starting to enjoy the benefits of the internet, one of my biggest fears is online safety. From chat-rooms and forums where people are not who they claim to be, to the hacking of passwords. From the transference of viruses that can lead to everything on your hard-drive being wiped out, to drive-by downloads that you don’t even know have occurred, the using of the internet by the young is just such a minefield. But help is at hand.

Anti- Virus giant McAfee have formed a brilliant educational partnership with Bletchley Park, home of the Enigma code-busters and the birthplace of modern computing. Bletchley and McAfee are working together to educate children of the dangers that can be faced when using the internet. Bletchley is currently developing an International Cyber Security Exhibition and Computer Learning Zone within it’s new visitor centre, and McAfee is collaborating, bringing together two organisations highly committed to keeping people of all ages safe online. McAfee and Bletchley say “..Children and adults will be able to learn how the breathtaking achievements of the WW2 Code-breakers are relevant in today’s war against cyber threats.”

Bletchley Park

This is all exciting stuff, and now McAfee and Bletchley are offering an amazing competition opportunity for children aged 8-11 to be part of protecting cyberspace for now and future generations.

Can you design a next-generation superhero to protect the online world from cybercrime?

Bletchley and McAfee want children aged between 8 and 11 to design a new superhero, one who would be adept at keeping cyberspace safe for all. This superhero would become the mascot of the Bletchley Park/McAfee partnership…but that is not all. The child who creates the winning mascot will be awarded a visit to Bletchley Park for their entire school class when it opens this Summer.

First Prize for the winning child also includes:

A visit to your classroom from a McAfee cyber security expert, as an introduction to your visit to Bletchley Park.
Cybersecurity capes for the whole class, to wear at Bletchley Park.
The chance to see your cyber security superhero brought to life on our website – helping children and teachers stay safe online.
10 copies of McAfee LiveSafe software for your school.

Children awarded 2nd and 3rd place will be provided with McAfee LiveSafe software for their school.

What an amazing prize this is, a wonderful opportunity for your child and their whole class to do something amazing, and worthwhile too.

Could your child design their own super hero?
Could your child design their own super hero?

The competition is open now until 5pm on Friday 20th June. You can check out all the information, terms and conditions, and how to enter here.

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