Shoe Shopping Tips Every Woman Should Know

Shopping for shoes can be a frustrating experience when you are a woman, which is why you need all of the tips you can get. If you want to avoid regret when buying these accessories, there are lots of helpful things that you can keep in mind. The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, which is why it’s so important that you take a careful and considered approach before buying anything.

Establish Your Budget

You will first want to determine how much money you can afford to spend on a new pair of shoes. It’s very easy to get carried away when you are shopping, so you will need to make a point of figuring out exactly what your limit is. If you ever aren’t sure whether or not you can afford a pair of shoes, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not get them.

Shop Your Arch Type

It’s also important that you shop for shoes based on your arch type. Everyone has a different arch to their feet, and you will need to be aware of yours when you are shopping for these accessories. If you aren’t sure what kind of arch you have, there is a very simple way to figure it out. Simply wet one of your feet and place it flat on a piece of white paper. You will be able to tell what your arch is like by just looking at the sheet of paper. Then, try and find a shoe shop with a foot measuring service.

Try on Numerous Sizes Before Buying

If you want to get the best fitting shoes, it’s always a good idea to try on multiple sizes of the ones you are interested in. Try on a half size smaller and larger just to make sure that you have found the right fit. If you aren’t quite sure, you can go a half size larger and you’ll be just fine.

Don’t Force It

Some women find shoes they love so much that they are willing to suffer horrible discomfort just for the look of them. You never want to buy any shoes that don’t fit your properly, because you could actually do damage to your feet. Those who walk around in ill-fitting shoes for long enough could be stuck with foot problems for the rest of their lives.



Get Help When You Need it

Make sure that you always ask for help from assistants when shopping for shoes. It doesn’t hurt to be friendly with the people who work at the store, as you might just be able to get a discount. The assistant could also potentially help you out with some much-needed advice. It never hurts to have the opinion of another woman before buying a new pair of shoes either.

Be Careful When Shopping Online

While it’s true that you can find a lot of amazing deals on women’s shoes, you will need to be wary. You should always pay close attention to the sizing details for each shoe, and shop around for the best prices. The internet offers an extremely convenient way to get a great deal on these accessories, so you will want to use it to your advantage.

Think About Using a Wedge

High heel shoes might look very pretty, but they can cause all sorts of problems with your feet later on in life. In fact, the American Podiatric Medical Association suggests that women do not wear shoes with a heel that exceeds two inches. Using a wedge will essentially make it like you are wearing a shorter heel. Some women are hesitant to wear wedges, but they can really complement an outfit.

Drop the Trends

It might seem a little bit strange or even plain wrong, but forgetting about current fashion trends can actually be a good thing when shopping for shoes. You don’t want to get too caught up in what is considered stylish or trendy at the time, because it will severely limit your options. Instead you will want to simply look for shoes that you are happy and comfortable with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing shoes from a season or two ago.

When you go out looking for a new pair of shoes next time, it is important that you keep these tips in mind. It’s easy to buy shoes that you later regret, but a few simple considerations can help to change all of that for good.

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