Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

Let’s be honest, most parents love the idea of their child becoming a prodigy in one area of their education or another. Perhaps they have shown an interest in learning to play an instrument and although you’d love for them to become the next Beethoven, you’re not sure if it’s worth the financial investment. A prep school in Kent have put together the following information for parents who are on the fence about getting their kids involved with music. 

One huge benefit for children who learn an instrument, as shown by thorough research, is that it helps with their overall academic performance. The ability to translate musical notes and count rhythms is beneficial for both reading comprehension and mathematical challenges. What’s more, the listening skill is also developed as its essential when learning an instrument, so you can expect your child to become a better listener. All in all, musical activities are a fantastic way to enhance brain function. 

When a child starts learning a musical instrument they must be patient and persistent. They cannot give up if they play the wrong note or take a while to perfect a song. What’s more, they have to take care of their instrument and music books, giving them experience in responsibility. These are all personal skills that your child will find useful throughout their lives, at school when they’re young and at work when they have grown up. 

As with most extra-curricular activities, learning an instrument will help your child become more confident. They will be left feeling a sense of pride after performing a song that they have practised hard to perfect. They will also have a new way to express themselves and wind down after a long day of school and homework. You never know, they might even end up in a band and make friends for life. Just be sure they are the ones to choose the instrument as they won’t be as interested if you force them to play something they don’t want to. 

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