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January is traditionally the month when we give our homes a much needed sorting out. After the excess of Christmas, and all those new presents, and then the splurge buying in the sales, January always seems the right time to sort through everything we have, and to get rid of the unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories that have passed their sell by date.

In addition to sorting our own things, we are often faced with mountains of toys belonging to our children. My son Joe has a birthday in December, as well as being spoiled rotten at Christmas, and so local Charity shops often receive bags full of perfectly good toys that he has grown out of once the giant cull is over.

There are some great online toy auctions on Bidworld at the moment.

There are some great online toy auctions on Bidworld at the moment.

But there may also be a way of getting rid of the things you no longer want, and making some much-needed cash too. is the nets newest Auction site, offering the perfect place to sell your unwanted goods, and to do a little bit of shopping at the same time. Like other auction sites, Bidworld gives you the option to buy and sell through bidding, or to ‘Buy Out’ immediately. Where it differs from other auction sites is the cost to the seller. Instead of upfront payments and then additional sellers fees based on the price you sell for, Bidworld just has one upfront fee for listing. This means that once you have sold your item, the profit is all yours. Other online auction sites take fees once you’ve sold your item/ These can be anything from 3% to 13% of the final selling price, so Bidworld could certainly help you to make more of your money for yourself.

Look out for the logo!

Look out for the logo! is a new venture, and is currently offering an added incentive for signing up. The first 150 people to join will be in with a chance of winning an ipad shuffle. All you need to do is register for an account – Simples!

For more information you can visit the Bidworld Facebook page (click here) and you can also follow on Twitter too. Now is the absolute perfect time to get rid of the clutter and make a little money too. You might even spot a little bargain for yourself!


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