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I’m writing this and starting with a statement of incredulity. I can’t believe I haven’t wrote about Stevie Nicks before. She has long been one of my music idols, that inimitable voice is just unmistakable, and can literally make the hairs on your arms stand up, and she combines this unique voice with a beauty and style that is mystical and whimsical. Her look, her way of performing, the way she moves, that unique way with fashion, it all goes to make Stevie an icon, when she is on the stage, you are not watching anyone else.

Stevie had that look of a gorgeous Californian blonde beach babe, and played like a drum majorette in the Tusk video, but her style was far more rooted in that of the hippies of the late 1960s. Stevie, with songs like Rhiannon which had their roots in Welsh mythology and folk tales, always had a boho look, with acres of scarves, long loose sleeves, bohemian style dresses, often topped with a top hat.

Fringes, silks, sequins and shimmer, looks that were as covered up as the men in the band, were all Stevie’s trademark. She is tiny, only 5ft 1inch, but she had a huge stage presence and her clothes were a major part of this.Think Talitha Getty at her most iconic, mixed with Grace Slick and echoes of Janis Joplin, and you get Stevie.

It is a style that continues to inspire, and is still much copied. The boho looks of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller were Stevie throwbacks, as are the ethereal looks of Florence Welch, and the all white styling beloved of Alexa Chung. Many pieces which we all love and have in our wardrobes whatever the season are Stevie trademarks, from maxi skirts, to high necked Victorian blouses, to kimono style jackets with fringe details. And Stevie is also of the ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it school’, sticking to her tried and tested style year after year, and still looking pretty incredible.

If you are thinking of incorporating a bit of Stevie into your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter, I would recommend you look at velvet, always a fabulous choice for Christmas and a Stevie staple. Black lace, and voile and chiffon sleeves are also a glam Stevie staple that will definitely do well as Christmas parties.

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