Christmas Gift Idea: The Novella Nostalgia Series

If you are looking for an unusual gift for a fan of classic movies, the Novella Nostalgia series may just be the answer. Penned by the author Tony Drury, this fabulous series of books link modern storytelling to some of the most iconic movies of all time. Inspired characters, classic scenes and the familiarity of those classic films, but modern scenario’s make these the ideal present for someone who still loves the romance of turning a page rather than just scrolling up.

There are three books in the Novella Nostalgia series so far, with a further two planned. The first was ‘Lunch With Harry’ which is inspired by the wonderful Audrey Hepburn movie, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The action is moved to modern day London, and Hamleys is the meeting place for the two leads, Dr Ella Van Houten, who just happened to be imagining that she was Audrey’s Holly Golighty character, and Harry, who Ella meets when she accidentally steps on his foot outside the world famous toy shop.

Tiffanys have launched a perfume this Autumn, so I think this combination could be a lovely, personal gift for someone who is a fan of Audrey, a fan of Tony Drury and a fan of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Tiffany Tiffany & Co. Eau De Parfum
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The beauty of the stories is that fans of the film will recognise the references which bring a warm smile to the reader. Another fabulous point about these books is that they are small, perfect for reading on the morning commute by train or bus, and not too big to take up a lot of room in your handbag or rucksack.

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The second book in the series takes a completely different tone as it is based on the great Courtroom drama 12 Angry Men, a film that has also become a very successful stage show in recent years. Twelve Troubled Jurors changes the premise from one where the 11 jurors think the defendant guilty, with one wavering, to one where the jury are convinced of the innocence of the accused, but maybe for reasons that have less to do with the trial and more to do with wanting to be dismissed. The action also moves again to the UK and it is a riveting read that you could certainly enjoy once the turkey is finished on Christmas Day.

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The latest book in the series is very timely, considering that a live touring version is in theatres next year. ‘Forever on Thursdays’ is a new version of the beautiful, tear jerking love story Brief Encounter, the 1945 tale of unrequited passion starring Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. Once again the action is updated to the present day but the romance is still lovely, and if you know someone who is a fan of the film, then this book, combined with tickets for the play (showing at the Birmingham Rep Theatre), could be a real winner.

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Brief Encounter
Birmingham Repertory Theatre
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Mailbox Sessions at the Everyman Cinema

The Birmingham Mailbox was relaunched in some style last month with Mailbox Sessions. Taking place over a weekend, the Mailbox Sessions were special, free events dedicated to showcasing the best of the Mailbox in terms of fashion and beauty, food and entertainment. Many of the sessions were presented by the lovely Lucy Kite from ITV, and all were well attended.

With Lucy Kite

With Lucy Kite

I was invited to quite a few of the sessions, but the one which totally had me jumping up and down was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s special at the Everyman Cinema. The session was all about having breakfast at a screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, complete with Bucks Fizz and pastries, enjoying the glamour and beauty that only Audrey Hepburn can bring.



The Everyman Cinema has been a really welcome addition to Brum’s Cinema scene, with comfortable over-sized sofas, great food and a lovely setting to see both current films and movie classics. Sitting in those super comfy seats I was swept away with Audrey and George Peppard to enjoy one of the most iconic films for fashion fans (and yes, I still cry at the end when she finds Cat in the rain – a totally swoonsome moment.)



Selfie with my mom

Selfie with my mom

Just love the Interior of the Everyman Cinema

Just love the Interior of the Everyman Cinema



I loved the Mailbox movie session, and really hope that Sunday morning classic cinema is an idea that takes off, would love to see ‘Some like it Hot’ and ‘The Philadelphia Story’ up next.