Preloved goods with Secondwow

For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with finding second hand bargains. I have trawled vintage stores, car boot sales, charity shops, jumble sales and the internet for fabulous finds. I look for vintage clothing, gorgeous things for the home, Art Deco collectables and beautiful mirror compacts. Lately I have also been looking for retro football strips and Subbuteo sets for Joe. There are some great items waiting to be found out there, but it can also be difficult to find good quality pieces that are also in good condition.

Secondwow is a new site which allows you to find a wide range of second hand, preloved products at the most reasonable price possible. The site is run by a group of individuals who have a shared love of thrift shopping and saving money. Secondwow offers a large range of products for sale in many different catagories, ranging from clothing, both designer and High Street, furniture for the home and garden, electronics, jewellery, even vehicles.

As well as sourcing products, the Secondwow sites has guides and advice, sharing things that you should look for when purchasing second hand goods. I have read the guide to buying second hand clothing as this is something I have a real interest in. There are some really good tips in the guide, including great advice about taking care with retro sizing, or with just relying on the UK sizing system, as items from abroad can have completely different sizing which means a 12 may not be a UK 12 (UK to US anyone!)


Secondwow Clothing

Secondwow understands the importance of finding reputable sellers and merchants when purchasing anything, and clothing is no exception to this rule. Secondwow wants to connect honest, reputable sellers and quality products with people who are looking for those products at an affordable price – hence a win-win situation.


If you are a fan of second-hand, preloved products, but not so keen on the carboot, charity shop hunting ground, this is a site that you really need to add to your online, shopping bookmarks.


Graduate fashion week and Barbara Hulanicki – A George update

It’s all happening at Asda at the moment. George, which is the sponsor of Graduate Fashion Week, has just unveiled the first collection from the winner of the top prize in 2012, Chloe Jones, and it is all about wearable jersey in 50 shades of grey.

Inspired by urban trends, but using totally wearable fabrics, Chloe, a student from Bath Spa University, has created a collection that has an element of cool, but will actually appeal to all ages. The tie waisted tunic and dipped edged jacket look set to be very popular, using grey and charcoal as a versatile alternative to black.

Sadie Robson, head of design at George says of Chloe;- “Chloe demonstrated such a fresh approach. Her collection was so creative yet so commercial and fit for today’s fashion…”

Chloe’s collection

Graduate Fashion Week - Dipped Hem Sweater Jacket £30.00 click to visit George

Graduate Fashion Week Printed Tunic £16.00 click to visit George

Graduate Fashion Week Graphic Leggings £8.00 click to visit George

Graduate Fashion Week Tie Waist Tunic £16.00 click to visit George

And as Asda welcomes a new designer to the fold, it also looks to a legendary one who has added to the lustre of the brand. Barbara Hulanicki, the founder of Biba, has created more new designs for George, combining, once again, bright colours, unusual patterns, and 1970s style designs. The Barbara Hulanicki collections are always popular, so you need to keep your eyes peeled for the new collection as the pieces are introduced.

Barbara Hulanicki Tape Knit Jumper £16.00 click to visit George

Barbara Hulanicki Printed Tunic £16.00 click to visit George

Barbara Hulanicki Chiffon Pussybow Blouse £15.00 click to visit George

Barbara Hulanicki Jersey Drape Cardigan £14.00 click to visit George

Barbara Hulanicki Cowl Neck Top £14.00 click to visit George

To view complete collection, click here.

George at Asda pieces are so reasonably priced, you can afford to treat yourself to a few new items that can instantly update your wardrobe. Don’t forget you can make some cash to afford the higher end clothes at Music Magpie. This will raise extra funds for your shopping, making it an instant, guilt free activity, whilst keeping green too. Get rid of some of your clutter from around your home at Other great places to do this are Ebay and Amazon, or even by visiting charity shops. Check it out and you may release some much needed funds for further shopping!

Newlife fight the recession with £1 bargains

My favourite charity organisation Newlife are spoiling us again. They have added a purse friendly range of items that cost just£1 to their ‘Newlife at Home’ store. There are £1 items in their menswear, womenswear and childrenswear, along with small items for the home.  In addition, a £1 range of shoes and bags is soon to be added.

Newlife Operations Director, Colin Brown, says: “We are delighted to bring £1 clothing and gifts to our customers who can now get even more for their money at Newlife. As well as clothes for both adults and children, people can purchase other items such as beauty products, games and school equipment to name a few.”

When you think about it, £1 doesn’t really buy you very much these days – a bar of chocolate, half a bus journey, even a loaf of bread can cost more than £1. So Newlife must again be applauded for offering the bargain of the year. In addition to this, the money goes to support an amazing cause, Newlife is theUK’s leading children’s disability charity specialising in support to aid children affected by all disabilities.  In addition to funding equipment grants and research, the charity also offers support services operated by specially trained nurses and campaigns for a fairer deal for children to obtain the essential equipment and services they deserve.

The £1 promotion will be ongoing and is already proving to be a fantastic success, with customers grabbing loads of bargains whilst helping an amazing cause.

The Dunning Family kitted out for £10!