Christmas Gift Ideas: Beauty Gifts and Stocking Fillers

Today I am turning my attention towards bath and beauty, and, more specifically, gift ideas in this area. The majority of gifts in this guide are unisex, and would work for a range of age groups and tastes.

Beauty gifts are always popular at Christmas, and look glamorous and luxurious sitting under the tree. They also take away the issues that can arise with fashion gifts, namely which size to buy, which colour etc.

Here are some ideas for beauty gifts that won’t break the bank but will look like you’ve made an effort to get something wonderful.

Urban Veda Gift Sets

Urban Veda is a gorgeous natural skincare brand that creates products that suit you based on your skin type and your ‘dosha’. If that has sparked your interest, and maybe had you thinking my what? then let me explain a little further.

Dosha is an Ayurvedic term to describe the physical and emotional tendencies within the mind and body. You can find out more about your dosha by taking part in the Urban Veda questionaire which you can find right here, and can then tailor your choices to your answers.

This Christmas Urban Veda have created a wonderful range of gift sets that look and smell wonderful and are based around you dosha and body needs. The ranges are soothing, reviving, purifying and radiance and are unisex, making them ideal for all the family. They are also certified vegan and cruelty free, which makes them a gift that could tick lots of boxes if you are looking for something both luxurious and ethical. The gift sets start at £11.99, with the ‘Body Ritual Set’ containing 3 full sized products being the hero of the range.

Urban Veda products are just wonderful – this is a range that is definitely one to watch.

Purifying Body Ritual Set
£29.99 | 650ml Click to visit Urban Veda

Radiance Body Ritual Set
£29.99 | 650ml Click to visit Urban Veda

Soothing Body Ritual Set
£29.99 | 650ml Click to visit Urban Veda

Reviving Body Ritual Set
£29.99 | 650ml Click to visit Urban Veda

Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste set

A sparkling white smile is something we all aspire to, but cosmetic dentistry may be something that is well out of our price range. Curaprox “Black Is White” toothpaste naturally strengthens and whitens teeth.

The toothpaste contains activated carbon which absorbs particles which would normally grind enamel away; preventing discolouration from caffeine, nicotine and red wine. The hydroxylapatie in Black Is White snuggles up to the tooth enamel, acting a thin film. As a result, it protects the enamel and even fills small holes, promising optimal results and glistening white teeth. It has double protection against tooth decay from the sodium fluoride and its enzymatic system and has no bleaching properties.

This Christmas Curaprox have put together a gift idea which features a lemon version of the toothpaste and a limited edition ultra soft toothbrush. At £19.95 this is a really great stocking filler.

Charcoal Whitening toothpaste – Black is White £19.95 Click to visit Curaprox

7th Heaven Top to Toe Treats

Award-winning beauty brand 7th Heaven is the world’s number 1 face mask brand, It’s products are completely natural and cruelty free, and come in a range of wonderful flavours and scents, providing the perfect quick fix pick me up for tired winter skin.
This Christmas 7th Heaven has launched a wonderful range  of christmas goody boxes and hampers, topped up with fantastic treats for your skin, hair and body. A key gift that would be much appreciated in any beauty buffs Christmas stocking this year is the Top to Toe treats tin. This contains a range of products for the hair, face and body including masks, scrubs and hair treatments that will leave your body nourished and soft from head to toe.
The tin contains a Black Raspberry Scrub, Goji Body Smoothie, Foot Soak Foot Lotion, Coconut Protein Hair Rescue, Manuka Honey Hair Rescue Mask, Exfoliator & Masque in 1, Red Hot Earth Self Heating Sauna Mask, Strawberry Souffle Mask, Passion Peel Off, Dead Sea Spa Mask, Creamy Coconut Mask and Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask. It costs just £9.99 and can be picked up from Argos. A definite hit for the beauty aficionado.

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Top to Toe Treats Tin £9.99 Click to visit Argos

Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga

Mio Skincare’s Liquid Yoga Bath Soak is my idea of the perfect pampering bath treat. It promises to relax, ease muscles and re-energise your body, and I can confirm it does all three, making it a wonderful pick me up for tired, aching bones.

I always have a bottle of this in my bathroom and think this is a great gift idea for a new mum, a gym or fitness body, or anyone whose idea of relaxing is to take a lovely soothing bath.

Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Bath Soak (200ml) now £17.42 Click to visit Mio Skincare


Bathtime treats from BabyBlooms

BabyBlooms is a company that started in 2005 producing those beautiful and unusual baby bouquets made from hand-rolled items of baby clothes. I was lucky enough to be presented by one of those when Joe was born and it was stunning, I was almost reluctant to take the bouquet apart as it was just so special. Since then, BabyBlooms has branched out, with a range of lovely gift ideas for both mother and baby. In particular, the toiletry gift ideas are brilliant, gentle enough to be enjoyed by both mother and baby.

I have been test driving some of the beauty products that BabyBlooms currently stocks, either to sell individually, or as part of their baby and mother hampers. I have to say that I love the products, I suffer from sensitive skin and love something I can use that doesn’t leave either irritation or redness. In addition, I like things that Joe can also use, things that are family friendly even if you suffer from conditions like dry skin or ezcema. (You can read about some of our skin issues in a previous post here.)

It must also be said that the packaging in which you receive gifts from BabyBlooms is just beautiful. The Amanda Bradley illustrated boxes are lovely, pretty shop frontages on all four of the faces of the box that just helps to make any gift just that little bit extra special.





Replenishing Hand Cream and Soothing body Lotion

I am a huge fan of handcream, I carry a tub around with me at all times, and love to have it in pump action bottles in both my bathroom and kitchen. I truly believe that handcream is a must apply after washing hands to avoid dryness caused by water. The replenishing hand cream from BabyBlooms has a slightly oriental smell due to the use of lemongrass as one of the key ingredients. It is a non-sticky formulation that sinks into hands quickly, with only the lovely scent lingering. I love the fact it is handmade and full of natural products, including moisturising Jojoba, and that this is a product that can be used daily, if not several times daily, because it is gentle and soothing.


The soothing body lotion is a mixture of Calendula and Evening Primrose. It has a clean and fresh smell that is totally unisex and is very nourishing, my skin just drinks this up and it sinks in wonderfully. It leaves no residue, so you can put apply this after a bath and then put your pyjamas on straight away without leaving greasiness on your clothing. This is a gentle formulation, again handmade and natural, and this makes it a perfect body lotion for just about anyone.

Soothing Body Lotion- 250ml £12.50 Click to visit BabyBlooms

Soothing Body Lotion- 250ml £12.50 Click to visit BabyBlooms

Replenishing Hand Cream - 250ml £10 Click to visit BabyBlooms

Replenishing Hand Cream – 250ml £10 Click to visit BabyBlooms

Lip Rescue, rejuvenating facial moisturiser and baby care cream

These 20ml containers are great to keep in your handbag or baby bag as rescue remedies. The lip balm is very soothing, with a slight lemony flavour to it and a waxy consistency. It really is a great pick me up for sore lips – my little boy Joe often bites his lips and some balms and creams then sting, this doesn’t. You can pick this up for just £4.50, which I think is great value for a product that is totally natural in its ingredients, and is handmade too. It also only leaves a slight shine on the lips rather than any colour.


The facial moisturiser is like a drink for the face.  It is lightly scented and feels like a very soft, bouncy cream. This is good for every day wear – I have used it on the school run for cold mornings and my face has felt soft and protected, but I love adding a thicker layer at night as almost a sleep mask.


The baby care cream is good for anything that affects the skin, from nappy rash to excema. I have been using this on Joe’s skin after his bathtime to moisturise his skin, it leaves it feeling very soft and supple, and the skin also noticeably looks better and healthier.

Have you ever tried any products from BabyBlooms?


Mother’s Day Ideas from this works

If you ask me, every day should be Mother’s Day, but this year the official day to treat all moms and mother figures is March 6th, which just happens to be this Sunday (and also my dad’s birthday too so there goes my bank balance.)

Now, it is a well known fact that the majority of people buying Mother’s Day presents will be men, purchasing them on behalf of their little darlings, and that means that most presents will be purchased, in a rush and panic, this weekend. Flowers and chocolates will be picked up with a vengeance, but what most mother’s would really like is some ‘me-time; that comprises peace, quiet, pampering and relaxation. This Works has just the products that will allow moms just that.

Deep Sleep Bath Soak

This is my current favourite bath product. An old fashioned concoction of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile essential oils, these theraputic bath salts help to relax the mind and body, ease aches and pains, and leave your body feeling soft and fresh. These are traditional bath salts, white in colour, they look so natural compared to other coloured varieties that just look artificial. The scent is intoxicating, I used this in my downstairs bathroom and the scent actually traveled by steam to my living room, with my husband commenting on the beautiful scent.

The 200g gram pot is a great size and would easily last 6 months, with just a spoonful needed per bath. And the packaging is modern and fresh, making it a welcome addition to any bathroom shelf.  You can pick this product up from Boots and John Lewis, as well as the thisworks website. The 200g pot costs £22.






Deep Sleep Dream Cream

This is a product I have been using for just over a week, and I can already see the effects. I struggle to sleep at night, never really switching off, even when I am desperately tired. The deep sleep dream cream is all about relaxation, and is great used immediately following the bath salts. Using the same essential oils as the bath soak, but with Crambe and Gold of Pleasure Oils added to the mix, this is a cream designed to induce sleep.

I like the fact that this is a cream that is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky, therefore perfect to use before bed.  This can literally be used on any part of the body (with the exception of the face), but is especially good on tired hands and feet. It is lightly scented, with the Lavender coming through strongest.

As well as inducing sleep, this cream is also a fabulous body hydrator that is great for parched winter skin, offering nourishment and repair when needed.



The Deep Sleep Dream Cream costs £18 for a 75ml tube and is available at the thisworks website here.