Wallis – The Perfect Transitional blouse

I think we would all agree that 2013 has been a brilliant summer. Lots and lots of warm days and sunny evenings, giving us ample opportunity to wear our summer wardrobe to full effect. But in the last week or so there have been signs that Autumn will soon be upon us. A few more drizzly days, temperatures dropping during the evenings, a bit of wind chill when playing football in the garden. All signs say it’s time to start thinking of that transitional wardrobe.

I’ve been given the opportunity to review some pieces from Wallis, and I decided to look at items that would be perfect for the transition from End of Summer to early Autumn. The first item I chose was the black and cream striped blouse.

Black And Cream Stripe Blouse Price: £33.00 click to visit Wallis

Now, I’m not usually a blouse or shirt person, big boobage causes anything buttoned to pucker and gape open. But this blouse takes the fabulous idea of the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, and adapt it for a 70s style blouse that can be worn with smart trousers, or more casually with jeans for a chic everyday look. I fell in love with this blouse, which fitted perfectly, and made me think of one of my style icons in one of her most famous film roles, Faye Dunaway in Network.

This blouse is very on-trend, with the nod to mannish tailoring it gives with the thick pinstripes. The neckline is also super flattering, with a collarless V design that is flattering if you do have a generous chest. I wore this with straight legged jeans and flat ballerina pumps for a smart/casual day look, but this would be equally as good with matador style trousers and a stiletto heeled shoe for a more elegant evening look.

Wallis have got some really great tops and blouses to help you cope with the transitional season  in style. Here are a few more of my favourite pieces.

Mink Embelished Blouse Price: £35.00 click to visit Wallis

Grey Embellished Top Price: £27.00 click to visit Wallis

Black Printed Kimono Jacket Price: £33.00 click to visit Wallis

Grey Printed Petite Shirt Price: £33.00 click to visit Wallis

Cream Bird Print Shirt Price: £33.00 click to visit Wallis


Red Oriental Print Jacket Price: £33.00 click to visit Wallis

To view all blouses and tops, click here.

Rachel Zoe launches new collection exclusively at Selfridges.

Stylist Rachel Zoe exits the Bryant Park tents...

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Rachel Zoe is the über stylist to the stars. Known for turning Nicole Richie from a rather cheap looking madam into a boho glamour puss, and also responsible for the red carpet styling of the likes of Mischa Barton, Kiera Knightley, Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway, Zoe has a name that is now synonymous with red carpet glamour.

So it is exciting news that Rachel Zoe is about to launch her first fashion collection in the UK this August.  The collection will be exclusively available from Selfridges Oxford Street store, and online at Selfridges.com. The collection will not be available anywhere else in the UK, so this is quite a coup for Selfridges.

So, what is the collection like?  Well, as you can expect from the Zoe, this collection firmly has its feet in the 1970s. Gorgeous sequined shift dresses nestle alongside amazing capes that look like they belong to Faye Dunaway circa Network 1976. There are boho inspired maxis and fabulous winter coats trimmed with wool and fur. There is also a nod to the androgynous styles that are a big story for next season, with tuxedos and shirts that show mannish tailoring at its best.


Rachel Zoe comments on the collection, “I wanted androgyny and the powerful woman look. I’ve grown up a lot. I wanted an amazing white tuxedo for under £650 and a cocktail dress for under £300… It’s very Jane Birkin-y, Anjelica Huston-y and Bianca Jagger-y.”


This is an amazing collection, with lots of investment pieces avaialable. Prices range from £165 -£580.








Cannes style – Looks that really should’ve been ‘canned’.

Cannes Film festival -Oh the sheer glamour of it all. But not all the looks are as flawless and perfect as those that have been worn by Diane Kruger and Tilda Swinton. Some, in fact should’ve been canned before the star/starlet let the house. Here are a few of those looks that had me shaking my head and wondering WHY?

1. Salma Hayak in leather Gucci. Lets spell it out slowly and carefully. Salma – you – are – not – playing – Frida – Kahlo – anymore. So ditch JLO’s flowers and get back to the looks we know and love.

2.Faye Dunaway. Jane Fonda showed us ageless style, whilst Faye showed us how you can get a Caspar the friendly ghost look with the aid of a large white bed sheet. Faye in the 70s was one of my styleicons…Faye in her 70s, well…

3. Mia Wasikowska. Can you see her?  Keep looking, ah! There she is. Proof that pale blondes shouldn’t wear pale nudes, even if  they are Valentino.

4. Lady GAGA. Sid Snot here…

5. Bryce Dallas Howard. I usually love her style and looks, but in this frumpy get up she looks like a sister-wife from ‘Big Love’.

6. Paz Vega. In  this Azzaro suit, Paz wins the prize for best dressed Christmas present. It has a sort of style, but I can’t help thinking of an oversized romper suit.

7. Stephanie Sigman. One question – did she borrow it from Cher? A black lacy, strappy  monstrosity.

8. Rachel McAdams. I know lots of people like this style, and the colour is amazing on her, but it just reminds me of Wonder Women I’m afraid.

9. Aishwarya Rai. Bet you never knew that Lanvin designed potato sacks did you? Still, when you’re this beautiful you could probably wear a potato sack and get away with it!

10. Lara Stone. She’s beautiful but this look isn’t. Lara looks just too busty for such a high neckline, and the fabric looks strangely cheap. I would also prefer strappy sandals. It looks a little bit drag Queen. Did David choose it?