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When it comes to applying make up, there are certain areas that I still struggle with after all these years of practice. I never wore blusher because I had yet to find one that didn’t leave me looking like an Aunt Sally doll, and still struggled with foundation as I prefer it to look natural rather than like a mask.  Despite having numerous make-overs, in the comfort of my own home I still struggled to get the flawless look I covet.

When I heard about a free service that Boots was running called Match Made, I knew that this was worth a try.  Match Made is a service designed to help you find your perfect foundation, blusher or lipstick shade. A facial device reads your skintone (you just need to take off a little patch of make up) and matches it to one of the No 7 skin true shades.


I went to try out the Match Made service at the Cannock town centre branch of Boots. I booked an appointment, but you can just walk into store to try the service. I was interested in Primer, foundation and that dreaded blusher and was really impressed with how quickly the match is made, and just how accurate and perfect the chosen products were. I have quite blotchy skin at the moment, so a colour balancing primer was suggested, and this was perfect for giving me an even skintone – I was a little surprised to see it was green, but it is brilliant, so don’t let that put you off. If you suffer with redness or blotchy patches, this is the primer for you.


No7 Airbrush Away Colour Balancing Primer 6120644 £16.50 Click to visit Boots

No7 Airbrush Away Colour Balancing Primer £16.50
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In terms of foundation, my skin is oily, especially around the t-zone area. Therefore a matte formulation foundation works best for me, to remove the shine. The beautifully matte light foundation is just lovely, and gives me the peachy, flawless skin I was looking for, without being thick and heavy to wear.

To complete the look, I finally got a blusher that I am so happy with, giving me a healthy, rosy look that is soft and dewy, and not in the slightest Aunt Sally. I was shown a few shades before choosing one, but was so pleased with the effect.



The shade in the centre is the one I chose – Rose Blossom.

No7 Powder Blusher 3g £9 Click to visit Boots

No7 Powder Blusher 3g £9 Click to visit Boots

The end result



My goodies, making the most of a 3 for 2 deal on selected No 7 products.


You can currently get selected No 7 products in a three for two deal, so now is definitely the best time to take a look at the Match Made service and to grab yourself some goodies.

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Click here to view the Boots Match Made edit.

*With thanks to the staff of Boots Cannock for their help and beauty advice.

Stila is back in Britain…and you can find it in Harvey Nichols!



It was the cult cosmetic brand that everyone loved…and then it disappeared! But now Stila is back, and Harvey Nichols, Birmingham is the only department store where you can find it, residing on a sparkling new beauty counter. I went along last week to have a look at the new concession, and to experience a Stila-over.  I don’t mind admitting i experienced pure make-up lust.

During the late 1990s, early millennium Stila was the hot make-up brand for trend setters.  Cult products and hot colours saw it turn into a company that fashionista’s turned to again and again for their make-up needs. But,a take-over by the Estee Lauder group saw Stila return to the internet and to the US, where it remained a huge name, working on New York Fashion Week and on major films and TV shows. But now, the brand has been taken over by Glorious and Stila is most definitely back.

I went along to Harvey Nichols in Birmingham’s beautiful Mailbox last week to meet the team and get  a first look at the new concession. I was met by Sarah, a qualified make-up artist who talked me through all the new Must-Haves and gave me a glamorous make-over. She told me all about the amazing new wonder products that no make-up bag should be without, including the Stila One Step Corrector/Brightener and Prima . This looks like a strange product due to the three ice cream shades that are visible in the clear bottle, lavender, peach and mint.However, this product works wonders in giving you an even skin tone that makes it perfect for wearing on make-up free days.It left me with glowing and healthy looking skin. I haven;t stopped using it since.

Stila one step corrector click to visit

Another fabulous product that I’ve added to my make-up regime is the One Step perfect and correct foundation. I don’t usually wear foundation  as it can often seem to be like a mask, I apply it too thickly. But using this product, and applying with a make-up brush (what a great tip!), this just made me seem like I had naturally perfect, flawless skin. It felt oh-so-light!

.perfect & correct foundation click to visit

I chatted to Sue from Stila who explained that Stila was not  a fashion-led brand, but instead was a company able to provide all colours and products to suit all ages and skin tones. She was proud to say that Stila products were designed to last all  day, her own make-up proved this, it still  looked fab after being applied at 8am that morning.  I was seriously impressed with the lipsticks that only need one application to last the whole day.

Harvey Nichols Birmingham manager Kevin Breese told me how pleased he was to have Stila in the store. He said how he felt it was a fabulous mother and daughter brand in that the girls who had loved it first time around were now bringing their daughters to introduce them to the brand. Stila fits in perfectly with the Harvey Nichols ethos of style  and choice.