Check out the Birmingham Hollywood Bowl – Fun for all the family

On Sunday we went to check out one of the new Hollywood Bowl, based in Rubery, Birmingham. I often visit the Hollywood Bowl at Bentley Bridge in Wolverhampton, but the Rubery branch is bigger, better and far more glamorous, with an American style Diner, an adults only Snooker/pool area, and special VIP booths from where drinks and food can be ordered and served while you enjoy a game of bowling. We had the most wonderful time, proving that when the weather is dismal, bowling is good, clean fun for the whole family.

The Hollywood Bowl, as the name would suggest, has an American Idols theme running throughout. The walls, both inside and out, are emblazoned with the faces of the Hollywood legends, Marilyn and Elvis and Audrey are all there in monochrome glory. Once you enter the bowl, you are transferred to a kid’s paradise, with arcade games, grabbing machines and photo booths instantly grabbing the attention. This works well if you turn up a little early, or are waiting for members of your party – there are no dull or boring moments at the Hollywood Bowl.

Checking in for the bowling is very simple. You simply have to give the names of your party so that they can be imputed into your lane. You can also request the barriers for younger players who may need a little help. As long as you are wearing flat shoes, there is no need to change into the dreaded bowling shoes – unless you want to of course!

We were lucky enough to enjoy using the VIP lane. This has leather sofa’s and a table for drinks, the option to order drinks and food to your lane, and the plush velvet curtains that make this feel special. This is a great idea for a birthday party or a special treat.

There are a good selection of bowling balls of different weights and finger holes for each lane. The barriers will come up immediately for individual players if they have been requested, and there are also stands to help children to bowl easier. To be perfectly honest, I needed all those things myself as I proved to be pretty awful at bowling, although being too vain to wear the shoes and bowling in a heeled boot probably didn’t help matters…

Joe and Monty with a couple of the bowling balls

I can pose nicely with the ball…shame I throw rather than roll.

Paul and Julia – naturals!

The staff are brilliant, they are attentive without getting in the way, and add to the general fun atmosphere by handing out stickers to those who got a strike, and the eventual winner (Well done Paul!). They also took our food order, although we opted to eat in the diner rather than the booth.

Paul was our winner – bit of a kingpin!

After bowling, the diner is a great place to enjoy a milkshake, a light bite or a full meal. The menu is  full of American classics, loaded nachos, all kinds of burgers and hot dogs, a range of fries and delectable deserts. We ordered a range of food, including the enormous Kingpin burger which resembles a ‘Man V Food’ style challenge. Our food was delicious, piping hot, delivered promptly, with decent sized portions and very tasty options. You can check out the full menu here.

A party area is available too.

Food Options

Loaded Nachos

Popcorn Chicken

Chicken burger

Kingpin burger

We had a fabulous time at the Hollywood Bowl, and would definitely recommend it as a way to spend a fun filled few hour.

Hollywood Bowl, Birmingham

Address: Birmingham Great Park, Park Way, Rednal, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9PL

Staying Fresh this Season

Life gets hectic around the holiday season as almost everything that qualifies as normal routine takes a back seat. There are shopping, decorations, parties, family, guests… the list goes on. With so much going on its normal to feel stressed out and just sit there wondering how a ‘celebration’ can get so worrisome. Here are ways to stay healthy and fresh, just a few simple pointers that will stop you from going down the vicious cycle of a holiday-burnout:

  1. Eat healthy-

From Christmas to New Year with numerous parties lined up and people to see, no wonder you couldn’t say no to that extra glass of champagne. Or a chocolate bar perhaps? How about some more eggnog?

Whatever it was that you regret eating, make sure you use a healthy substitute for it the next time. Also, it is okay to take a slice of that lavish chocolate cake, just make sure you don’t have those slices repeatedly!


  1. Relax-

With so much to do and so many places to be at, it gets difficult to take some time out for relaxation. No matter how crammed your schedule may be, make sure you take out at least half an hour to be by yourself. Pursue your hobbies during this time, or if you want some entertainment, play a game of bingo at GameVillage, one of the best websites for playing online bingo. To know more click on GameVillage.

  1. Have fun-

The holidays aren’t all about perfect pictures and flawless outfits. They are about having fun and sharing with your loved ones. So keep that in mind as you cruise your way through this winter. Express gratitude and become a reason for someone’s happiness. Spread some smiles and you are bound to make these holidays much more memorable!