Inspirational Women – Helen Mirren

Who is an inspiration to you? Is there a women who makes you want to high five and say yes everytime she appears, speaks, does something? have been looking at all the inspirational women there are, and how we like to say thank you to them, they have produced a lovely e book on the topic, and have been sharing the inspirational women on social media using the hashtag #InspiredBy.  They asked me if I would write about a woman who inspires me.

Now, I have a family full of inspirational women. My mom, sister and sister-in-law are all big inspirations on my life and how I live it, and I have friends, and people I have met through blogging who also serve to inspire. But I thought I would make this post about a girl (woman) crush who inspires through her style, her talent, and, to be quite frank, her ballsiness, being a leading lady at a time when most of her contemporaries seem to have faded into the background. I am talking about the astounding Helen Mirren, who continues to shine as a movie queen despite being well into her seventh decade, and always look radiant and interesting, often outshining men and women a fraction of her age.

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Helen has always been beautiful and sexy, and that remains, even through she is now into her seventies. But her beauty is the natural kind, she embraces her wrinkles and laughter lines as a part of her, and plastic surgery is not on the agenda. In a similar way her style is impeccable, fashion forward yet age appropriate -she doesn’t have to try too hard, she is effortless. I would like to say I would like to be like her when I’m older, but hell, I’d like to have an inch of her style and charisma now.

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Helen is not afraid to age for a role (i.e playing The Queen who is a good twenty plus years older than her), and she bucks the trend of older leading men, younger leading ladies by playing opposite male co-stars quite a bit younger than herself…and basically stealing the movie in most cases. Helen shows that life can begin at 40, but doesn’t have to end when you pick up your pension, that you don’t have to resort to a blue rinse the minute you collect your bus pass, and I think that alone makes her an inspiration.

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Old age and fashion don’t have to be enemies anymore

When you are on the brighter side of 60 fashion should bow down to you instead of the other way round. You should be able to kick away your high heels, tummy tuckers and push-up bras and confidently pick something that lets you declare your style with dignity.

Many of us feel the need of comfortable clothing while staying at home, but refuse to stray from society’s designated fashion standards. However, as per home health care in CT services, it is indeed irrelevant if you consider the healthcare hazards that your tight denims, push-up bras, and slimming underwear put you through. When you are above 60 it is time for you to enjoy life and not give a hoot about runaway fashion. It is time for you to forge your own fashion and we will help you do so, right here –



  • Fancy culottes –

These are hip and these are in. from 16 to 60 anyone can wear it with panache. If you want to be comfortable and yet look classy, choose a pair of light pastel, silk culottes for the sunny mornings. Retire those uncomfy denims today!

  • Palazzos –

Palazzos are not only for business women and hipsters; it is for everyone who likes to feel comfortable all day long. Since palazzos are flaring, you will not have to worry much about VPLs. But be sure to pick a pair in darker shades for fully leveraging their slimming effect.

  • Flowing skirts –

These are boho, and are totally perfect for adding some extra spice to the sunny mornings. If you love the freedom of wearing cotton palazzos during the summer, you will love the feeling of a smooth, cotton skirt grazing your ankles as you walk around the garden.

  • Shoes –

If you are still a slave to stilettos and wedges, we suggest it’s time you tried the comfort of a platform heel. We know how difficult it can be to say goodbye to those extra 4 inches, so we are suggesting a much healthier alternative. Your feet will thank you after a long day of walking on the beach or a long party. Platforms don’t have to be drab! Jazz them up with sequins and laser cut-outs to always stay en vogue.

  • Size down your handbag –

If you have been suffering from a bad shoulder ache without a particular cause, then you might try using a smaller handbag with lesser contents for a while. Take out anything and everything that may have crossed their expiry date or the things you don’t always need. An all time lip balm, some gloss, pressed powder, a charming perfume, some sanitizer, and Kleenex are the perfect contents for your day-bag!

All in all, go with the choices that make you feel good and feel confident. Once you are 60, you should be a little selfish. It is time for you to focus on what you want from fashion and not what fashion wants from you.

Author Bio: Irene Silvestre is a well-known name is women’s fashion. In this piece, she upholds the concerns put forth by home health care in CT in regards to modern elderly fashion. Irene loves to explore and create fashion that has personality and identity.

Early Awards Season Sensational looks

Forget all my proclamations about hating January.  I mean, yes, I hate the post- Christmas malaise, the cold weather, no Christmas decorations, the lack of money and all round depressive nature of the month, but I had totally forgot about award season, which, for someone who would like to spend every day in a ballgown, more diamonds than Harry Winston and Jimmy Choo glitter sandals, is by far the best time of the year.

The Golden Globes will take place on Sunday night, which kickstarts the frocks and the glamour of award season, but there have already been lots of smaller events taking place this week, which have been the perfect showcase for some truly gorgeous looks. The likes of Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Brie Larson and the wonderful Cate Blanchett have already been setting the benchmark high with some really beautiful looks, that run a gamut from 1940s style elegance (Cate) to channeling Sharon Stone’s iconic 1990s mix and match styles, when she took a gap turtle neck and a long skirt and totally stole awards season (I’m thinking Helen is very much in that vibe in that stunning blue at Palm Springs.)

My favourite looks so far are Cate and Brie Larson, an Oscar contender who looks just beautiful in jade green, especially when teamed with simple hair and copper peep toe heels.

Do you have a favourite look so far? Will you be watching the Live from the Red Carpet on the E! Channel this Sunday?

Palm Springs Awards Gala


Helen Mirren


Brie Larson


Cate Blanchett


Kate Winslet

National Board of Review


Emily Blunt


Maggie Gyllenhaal


Jessica Chastain

People’s Choice Award


Natalie Dormer


Ashley Benson


Dakota Johnson


Kaley Cuoco