Shopping Tips for Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is only two months away. Have you selected your dress yet?

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Within another month, teen girls everywhere will be rushing to boutiques looking to find the ideal Homecoming dress. Traditionally, the Homecoming dance ends the celebration of week-long events. For this reason, dresses are often sparkly and shorter than Prom dresses are in the spring, we know looking at formal dresses can be stressful so consider using some of these tips as you look for your 2016 Homecoming dress:


  • Do some research. Know the dress code for your school as in what length is too short and if cut-outs are allowed. Once you know that, you can peruse different styles and colors to see what you like the best.



  • Choose a dress by your body type. Petite girls can rock out in short, flared dresses because those elongate them and make them look taller. However, remember to check the dress code as most schools require the skirt to be at least 17 inches long. If you have a pear-shaped body, try opting for a gown with lots of beading on the bodice or an edgy one-shoulder gown, which will keep eyes up top and not your unwanted curves.


  • Select a Homecoming dress that you’ll feel comfortable in for several hours. Generally, you’ll be mingling and on the dance floor dancing the night away so you want a dress you move around in easily. This is often why teens lean towards the short flared options. If you choose a bandage dress, check that if overs your entire rear end when you’re bent over. Consider choosing a breathable fabric, such as jersey, which is comfortable and skirts your curves easily.


  • Pay attention to 2016 Homecoming dress trends. This year, two-piece gowns are still popular. Sherri Hill and Faviana both include several two-piece gowns in their line. Ombre sequins and other sparkling beads really add to details and Homecoming is all about bling. Both Mori Lee Sticks and Stones and Blush carry several sparkly dresses in their 2016 line. Floral splash prints remain trendy as well. I love the Sherri Hill black dress and the A-line Jovani floral dress.

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Sherri Hill

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  • Come prepared if you buy your dress in-store. This means wearing or bringing the correct undergarments, bra, and shape wear with you so you can consider how a dress lies over your curves.  If you’ve purchased them, bring along your preferred shows because this will play into the length of your dress and alterations.


  • Get other opinions whether you purchase your dress online or in-store. After you’ve bookmarked a few on your computer, show them to your mom and your best friend. Ask them which styles they prefer. If you try some in store, ask their opinion, on which one flatters your body type the most or highlights your hair color and skin tone the best.


These are only a few important tips to adhere to when shopping for your Homecoming dress. If you try these, you’ll have a shot of becoming Homecoming Queen.


Homecoming Queen Style – Perfectly Pretty

One of the most long-lasting of all dress trends is for those that we call ‘Prom Dresses’. Every summer, at weddings, ladies days, regattas and other occasions that call for something a little bit special, we see a resurgence of those beautiful, full skirted, often strapless dresses that hark back to the last hurrah of Hollywood, the 1950s. Those were the days when screen goddesses like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Doris Day chose feminine styles that have set the trend for prom and homecoming dresses for decades to come.

But when we talk about prom dresses, we often mean homecoming dresses. Prom dresses were traditionally full length Princess style, whereas the shorter,  flirty styles made popular by both versions of Carrie Bradshaw, and celebrities like Kelly Brook and Taylor Swift, are more akin to homecoming styles.

American online dress specialists Dressfirst currently have an exquisite range of prom/homecoming style dresses.  And, rather than being a range just suitable for teenage girls, these are gowns that range from sweet to sophisticated in style, meaning that there are dresses to suit women of all ages and tastes. Colour choices range from the pastel and neutral shades, to vibrant primary colours as worn by Kelly Brook, whilst the skirts embrace pencil styles as well as the full skirted 1950s era version. And, realising that arms can be an area that lots of girls and women prefer to keep covered, there are some lovely short and longer sleeved dresses that address that common problem area.

A-Line/Princess Halter Knee-Length Chiffon Homecoming Dress With Ruffle (022003360) $105.99 click to visit DressFirst

Sheath One-Shoulder Knee-Length Chiffon Homecoming Dress With Ruffle (022010850) $130.99

A-Line/Princess V-neck Knee-Length Chiffon Charmeuse Homecoming Dress With Ruffle Sash $133.99

DressFirst actually tailor makes your dress to your measurements, truly making this a dress that will fit you like a glove, and with international shipping offered worldwide, this site is definitely worth a look when buying a ‘special’ dress, whether it be for your prom or homecoming, or for a special black tie event, wedding or even a night at the Opera.